Poor Peter...

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While Peter keeps getting older investing in Gold, Bitcoin keeps on flying

Peter loves gold.

Peter hates bitcoin.

Welcome to the stages of Peter...


(Source: https://medium.com/@pabloclarkey/peter-the-broken-record-schiff-hates-on-bitcoin-yet-again-d1ecf3ed3d89?source=rss------bitcoin-5)

He stuck to his guns when BTC was worth $1 and didn't invest.

At the time gold was worth $1,700.

Fast forward 10 years and gold is still worth $1,700. Good job preserving your wealth Peter (well sort of as the dollar has lost roughly 2% of its purchasing power every year over the last decade).

But bitcoin is worth close to $10k...


Unfortunately the same thing will happen again as bitcoin goes to $1 million and gold stays roughly where it is now.

Poor Peter...

Stay informed my friends.



Also philippines is poor country