Kevin O'Leary is starting to come around to Bitcoin and he doesn't even realize it...

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Mr. Wonderful is slowly starting to get Bitcoin, but he hasn't quite realized it just yet

Today on episode of his show with famed bitcoin bro Anthony Pompliano, Kevin O'Leary (also called Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank) laid out in very plain English why he doesn't like bitcoin.

At least that is what his words said.

The video in its entirety can be seen here btw:

But if you start to read between the lines and look at where he is coming from you see a slightly different picture...

O'Leary hasn't been a fan of bitcoin basically since day 1, or at least since day 1 for him.

Since the first day he heard about bitcoin has been critical of it.

He even came up with all kinds of humorous insults for it, such as "crypto-crap" and "a big nothing burger", among others...

He also loves to talk about how he bought some crypto near the peak back in late 2017 and after this wonderful run he has exactly 50% of his money left, after 'hodling for 3 years like they told me to'.

However, it's what he said lately that really got my attention...

O'Leary is already a bigger fan of Bitcoin than he realizes...

In this video with Pomp, O'Leary admits that bitcoin or something like it could actually have tremendous value...

Say what?

You mean there might actually be something here after all?

You don't say...

Here's the quote that got my attention:

"If there was an attempt to either take Bitcoin itself or some other currency that could be traded everywhere with the regulator agreeing to it and would be agnostic — in other words, you could trade it to buy assets in Switzerland, trade it to buy assets in France, or in England, or in the United States everybody would take that digital currency.” (that could be something of tremendous value)


So if there's a currency that can be used globally which goods and services can be be purchased with that's not outlawed by regulators, that could have tremendous value...

Hmm... that sounds more or less like that's what bitcoin is eventually going to become.

I see bitcoin as digital gold currently that can also work as a settlement layer for central banks around the world.

Something every countries local currency can be backed by.

Gives everyone a level playing field, something I am sure many countries in the world would gladly take up to get off the dollar standard.

Seems O'Leary is getting closer to becoming a bitcoin fan than he thinks.

Stay informed my friends.


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