Inverse Head and Shoulder Pattern indicating STEEM may bounce significantly

in GEMS3 months ago

STEEM is possibly in the process of creating a very bullish Inverse Head and Shoulder Pattern

STEEM may have had a lot of drama over the last several months, but you wouldn't really know it by looking at the charts.

It has stayed relative stable through much of the controversy with a few pumps here and there mostly falling right back into the support range.

Which is exactly where things stand right now.

However, with the possibly completely of an Inverse Head and Shoulder Pattern, STEEM may soon see some bullish price action...

Check it out:



The interesting thing is that if this move were to actually play out, the measured move would take prices up over 50% form where they are currently.

Though that is 50% in BTC, not 50% in USD.

So, either STEEM is about to rally or BTC is about tank, which one do you think it is?

Stay informed my friends.



It might end up beating hive, what do you think?

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