Staying Life's Course From A Ground Zero; What Makes You less Of An Achiever?

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Tomorrow heralds a lockdown of activities in Nigeria and the nation is finally taking a decision to shut down after Chief of staff to the president tested positive for Corona virus, however not to bore you with that, i was going shopping and while looking at the few pictures taken in a metropolitan city of ours, i began to realise something; you see sometimes people are often engrossed at the elevated position which they currently find themselves so much that they forget how life seems at the ground zero which they once occupied at a particular stage in their lives, truth is taking cognisance of the fact that power can be flexible makes a ruler less of a tyrant. And recognising the fact that there's uncertainty to when one's breath can be halted makes one careful of their actions being proactive and well tilting towards living a responsible rather than an uncalculated life.

Without a doubt, people see minimalism as poverty and they see lack of education as illiteracy, However this mentality is short sighted. There are things we can never decipher in life and that's because we're taking an adulterated and personated point of view into looking at these things. As a person I've known what it means to be hungry, I've known what it seems like to be discrimination upon, due to my health status or educational background but I haven't really seen these shortcomings as a taint or a somewhat of an inferiority. There's been too many paradox about life that doesn't make sense and that's why we as people should thinking deeply about our actions before going a head to relate with situations that seems what it seems to us. ground zero, yes? What's ground zero to you?

Ground zero is that beginning, where your race starts from, it's a point where you not been clothed with positions, awards, laurels, educational certificates and many others. It's a specific position at a particular stage in life where everyone seems the same until they take a step, start counting and begin to gain momentum. But one sad thing is that people forget they once enjoyed the originality of simplicity and due to the fact that they've had to modify a whole lot in their lives, they forget it's not so bad to be contended, they feel it's necessary that people blindly chase excessive wealth and when people can't meet up to their stand due to the high horses they're sitted one, they begin to act like they were born with positions, they were born to be millionaires but this is because they don't know what it feels like anymore to be at ground zero.

As a person, i don't want to run a race dictated by an umpire, life is full of umpires you can see this in the following; an unsatisfied wife, a greedy father or mother or a judgemental society. Truth is sometimes being at ground zero and taking baby steps leaves people wondering if you don't want to graduate at 25, marry by 28 and own a mansion at 30. I want to go practical; for instance a person who is born is expected to follow an age timeline and sometimes when a person or persons are left out while their age mates have achieved a lot, they don't the person a failure without even asking them if they want to climb ladders that leads to way up. Listen I'm not saying being an achiever is bad, what I'm generally saying is that sometimes people who leap unbelievable heights to beat life's timeline feel that people who can't match their feat are nobodies. In essence I want to live a comfortable life and embrace priorities that transcends above my personality into someone's else's