I am, not the "I AM". ~~~~~~~ (An Original Poetry)

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I am, not the "I AM" ~~~~~

I am, not the "I AM"
But I am, the voice "un-immortal"
that tweets consoling things to you
in your miry times,
when niggling things are clutching on,
desperately in dreary hours

I am, the quake that shakes
when turmoil brews,
and threatens to spill
when them, their swords they drew,
on your helpless throat
and gathers to gloat
when hope through the window
scampers out.

I am, the flutes that trills again,
when the curtains falls,
and the play ends omniously
and lulls you to sleep
hypnotizing you to see the seas
curving and bending omnipotently.

I am, the trembling shadow
at your beck and call.
slithering like an aura,
and hatching courage like an egg
like a cobra.

I am, the calmness after the melee,
when the wind is weaving,
and the heart's in trepidation.
by and by shattered pieces
shall become whole again
and the scorn of yesterday
shall be forgotten chronicles.

I am, the one that wasn't
in your loneliest days
but here I come, with relieve
to sooth you like balm
and yesterday's scars
shall be no more.
I am, the one you know not
that knows you.


Written By @Josediccus (Ikechukwu Joseph)


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