What Is The Best Piece Of Advice Someone Has Ever Given You?

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It is a cool Summer in the year 1995. Basketball as Baseball are the most popular sports where Jon lives. Tt is basketball local season and his favorite team plays a home game. Jon jumps in joy for he'll have the chance to see his favorite players and enjoy a live fun ball game. He hooks up with a couple of friends who are going to be attending the game, too. One of them, Rey, has the tickets, his father gave him tickets for pretty good seats on a zone where "the rich" people tend to watch the game.

The time has finally arrived and Jon, Rey, and his other friend enter the the court and realize instantly, they are for sure in the "rich zone". The place is crowded, as soon as they get comfy it's crystal clear the difference between their zone and the other people's zone. They can observe the players from a real close distance, they can hear the live action on the court, literally feel the player's sweat, it is a very good game so far.

Ahead of them, in the next row; There are Three young adults having a blast during the game. All of them are having beer at a very high rate and pace. They are "drunk" already in the second half. Between the timeouts and game stops, Jon notices one of those guys is paying for everything. He alongside his friends are drinking all the beer over the place but just one guy keeps paying, the same one all game long. He notices Jon is curiously looking at him with a wtf face because he's paying up for everything and his other friends look like the leecher type. Jon is wondering why he's doing it and why his friends are not doing the same.

After a round of some more drinks the man who is paying for everything starts to small talk with Jon. He offers to buy some candy to him, Rey, and the other friend. They all are around 12-13 years old kids, very young compared to the Three adults in the front row. The group of kids shyly accept the candy and the man starts talking with Jon again. Among the blurry lines the guy is throwing there is one Jon notices and embraces, the guy talks about his life and how successful he is, not in a selfish manner but like a man feeling true joy about his achievements. He then looks upon his friends with a sad face and tells Jon - "Do you see those fellas in there? They are my friends, I love them! I think you have seen me paying up for everything, you know why?" - Jon's curiousity has the best of him so he obviously asks the question - Why?- Jon replies -"Because the life of a fool is hard"- the man said.

"You see my friends over there? I love them, we are having a great time, but they are fools, you know why? Because I decided to study and be responsible when I have, to and be my best version, them instead, they decided to keep drinking and partying, you must have thought at first I am the fool because I'm paying, on the contrary, it is my absolute pleasure but it saddens me, you know? It saddens me to see myself in this great position and them being the same kids we were. Never forget that; THE LIFE OF A FOOL IS HARD" - the man shouted.

So, dear bloggers. If you made it up until this point you may have found the awesome piece of advice this stranger gave to a way younger version of myself via this short story. Now I would like to know:

What Is The Best Piece Of Advice Someone Has Ever Given You?

I'm eagerly waiting for your answers. Love you all, peace!


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