You tried to tell your friends about bitcoin years ago, how about them apples now

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You can lead a horse to water and all that

Rewind the clock several years ago and you were probably telling your friends all about this cool technology that was going to change the world.

It was going to give the people back the power over their own money.

They wouldn't be forced to spend spend spend in order to keep the economy humming along.

If they wanted to preserve their wealth, they could just hold onto it.


Why do we need inflation at 2% every year?

Perhaps the perpetual consumption machine isn't actually the best path forward after all.

Back to the point at hand though, you probably told your friends about bitcoin at much lower prices than it is currently, and now you can slap that napkin on the window and ask about them apples:



If you've ever seen the movie above in that clip you will recall its about Will talking in a bar and being run out by the smooth talking college boy.

The smooth talking college buy ends up striking out with the girl that everyone likes and Will goes back and gets her number.

He asks college boy if he likes apples, and guy responds sure, and Will slams the paper on the window with her number saying how you like them apples!

It's one of the most iconic and memorable scenes from the film and is exactly what you should be doing with your friends right now.

The dots on the stock to flow model are turning orange and tracking along right where they should be:



How do you like them apples!


it's really going to be fun when it hits $100k.

It's going to hit $100k by the end of this year most likely.

Some are calling for even higher numbers than that!

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