Ulog #92 | Resident Day Appreciation at Somerset D1Mension

in GEMS6 months ago

It's nice to be appreciated and recognized even if it's only once in a blue moon. That's how I felt when I received a text message from my fellow colleague yesterday morning. The team had actually organised a simple breakfast gift for all residents and since I was also a resident here, I got one too myself. 😆 At times like these, nothing is better than a bit of TLC from whoever it may come from.


This is Rachel, Ascott host for Somerset D1Mension. Isn't she a pleasant sight to see in the morning. And lined up on the table is the breakfast gift for every resident. Inside the paperbag is one Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich with ham & pickles) and a box of yoghurt. Definitely a simple yet comforting breakfast touch.


Unfortunately, I had already had cereal for my breakfast so I decided to bring it along with me to work so I could enjoy it. However, work started to pile up and I never got to enjoy my Banh Mi. Instead, I had it for my dinner which wasn't too bad after all.