Corona virus positive effect in business and flexibility

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Corona Virus Positive Effect

Every downturn is associated with so much pain and so much economic suppering.
But it gives new era that make optimized new rule, organization and position.

In labor market, many employees worry that they may lose their jobs and some of them already lost their jobs.
But in other point of view, this is the new chance that some people are relocated in new job and new position that give new opportunity to individual and company as well.


And during very tough time of corona virus pandemic, many companies that have failed to have enough competitiveness such as Uber and Lyft would have hard time.
So it would be healthier getting through tough validation period of corona pandemic.

US labor market is more flexible that Europe.
Europe is less flexible.
In labor market, “Flexible” may means “unstable”.
But that unstable condition and human resource relocation could contribute to make healthier economy in long run.



In my previous posting, I mentioned several big tech companies that grow highly even in corona outbreak.
But there are no clear rule to win the game in business world.
and it is very hard to declare the points to survive during corona pandemic and post-corona time.

Apple has changed a lot from desktop company to recently smart phone manufacturer.
And now Apple's services division, which includes Apple Pay, Apple Music, iTunes and the App Store—among others—reached an all-time revenue high in the second quarter of fiscal year 2020. Apple’s quarterly services revenue climbed to $13.35 billion, up from $11.45 billion a year earlier.
the company now has over 515 million paid subscriptions across the services on its platform, up 125 million from a year ago.


Facebook rely on so much on advertising.
Regarding corona pandemic, travel and car advertising has disappeared.
But on some point of time, this trend could be changed fast.
and now gaming and e-commerce increase sharply.

In this dynamic and fast changing time, are there any sustanable ways to keep myself and my company going


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