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Hello fantasy lovers, on this side writes Hadley4, the guy who carries all the quarantine stuck to the digitizer tablet making commissions and illustrating characters for @smanuels.

Whoever says that drawing doesn't get tired is greatly mistaken, my buttocks already hurt from so much sitting illustrating XD. Today I bring you a cold and beautiful wandering spirit called Skughan, which are sinister apparitions that wander in the confines of the Citadel of the Everlasting Winter and are feared because they are capable of possessing the bodies of the unwary who dare to cross their paths.

The setting of this illustration is as follows. "The icy place is almost in darkness except for a small threshold provided by the light of the moon at its zenith but which can hardly filter through a shattered part of the roof of the Citadel, and that is that the strong gales that envelop the Citadel of the Everlasting Winter do not allow even the most imposing ray of light to illuminate its dark corners. The effect of the moonlight combined with the cold weather and the snow blizzard give a bluish tone to the atmosphere inside the castle. The apparition is positioned a few meters from the throne, levitating on the magenta-colored carpet leading up to the throne. The place is adorned by two candlesticks on one side of the throne and huge statues in the shape of a dragon's skull".
Here I leave you the description of the character:

Clothing description:
-Clothing head: His hair is actually sharp ice chips as white as Halcyon's glaciers, his eyes are red as two rubies.
-Torso clothing: He wears a woven corset with white as his spectrum.
-Legging: Her dress is still on, but a snow-white metal skirt is attached to it.
-Foot dress: Her bare feet are found levitating.
-Hands and arms dress: She has her hands and arms tattooed with several runes made with blue ice.


  • Wacom Intuos 4
  • Medibang Paint
  • Photoshop

-Step 1:

In the sketch I focus on the character's silhouette and position, giving him a feminine and slightly dynamic pose.


-Step 2:

I forgot that the character existed, and went straight to make the environment of the citadel, with the help of the watercolor brush in Medibang and the gray scale, I literally built block by block the throne room with all its details. This took me a few hours.


-Step 3:

Having the background ready, I took up the character again, worked on new layers superimposed on the silhouette so as not to spoil the position. I continued to work on the basis of the grey scale, but using lighter tones, as it is a ghost and must contrast with everything around it.


-Step 4:

It's time to color, the first thing I did was to open Photoshop, go to image adjustments and select the "gradient map", there I could give a first color look to the whole environment, which according to the description is bluish in its entirety. Then, I have applied this same technique, but this time in the carpet to bring it to the magenta tone, it was easy to do it since each element of the illustration is organized in separate layers.


-Step 5:

The last details were quick things, a little bit of brightness here, another brightness there, and applying the Gaussian blur after each stroke to soften the illumination, this is a resource I'm practically addicted to, I love applying this blur in each illustration because it allows me to establish a focal point towards the main character.


I'll leave you a little gif with the whole process in it, so you can better appreciate the step by step.

See you in a future post!

Thank You for Supporting My Artwork



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