Canadian Lynx (Wildlife Ink Drawing)

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Hello Friends. I hope you're all having a great time.

I read some fascinating facts about Lynxes today and I was pretty amazed at how these wild cats have evolved and how well they've adapted to the wild. I learnt they are pretty good at ambushing (surprising) their preys because they aren't fast runners. They also have incredible eye sight and great hearing; thanks to the tuft at the back of their ears. They are also nocturnal animals i.e mostly active at night.

After reading many more facts about them, I made this pen drawing depicting a Lynx surrounded by a bunch of butterflies.
I made this drawing using a black ball point pen and pelican paper.
Here are my steps in the drawing;

First, I drew the outline of the face of the Lynx and added it's facial features.
Next, I shaded the dark psrts of its face and began adding details of fur to its skin.
Finally, I drew the remaining parts of it's body and kept adding furs details to it's face until I got a realistic appearance.

Thank you taking your time to read and view my drawing. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Great piece. Wild cat.
Welcome back buddy.

Thanks alot man. Are you on discord?

Yeah bro. I've seen your message.

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