Bee Eater And It's Prey(A Dragonfly); (Ink Drawing)

in GEMS2 years ago

Hello Everyone. I hope you're all doing great.
Today, I made this wildlife drawing of Bee Eater with its prey, (a dragonfly) between its beak. The Bee eater is a colourful bird with long beaks with long pointy beaks that makes them exceptional for catching flying insects such as bees, dragonflies, wasps etc. They feed mostly on bees hence their name.

I used a black ball point pen and pelican paper.
Here are my steps in the drawing;

First of all, I drew the outline of the bird on a tree branch and the dragonfly between its long sharp beak. I drew all the features of the bird and the dragonfly in this stage.

Next, I shaded and added details to the dragonfly and all also shaded the dark areas of the bird's body
Finally, I shaded and added details of feather to the skin of the bird until I got an appealing result.
Thank you taking your time to read and view my drawing. Have a great day ahead.


just beautiful

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