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Hello Steem!

Today I decided to officially announce and talk about the publication of the social pages of my Digitall Project. At the bottom of the article, you will find all the salient articles published in the past months, regarding the focal points of the project and some practical examples.

For some months I have been working on the launch of a small project, Digitall. What does it do, in a few simple words? It aims to be an additional point of reference for those wishing to approach simple graphic design and logo design services. Having been born in the context of a crypto-friendly landscape, the accepted payment methods will include numerous cryptocurrencies/tokens which will then be summarized in the official launch post.

Before that date, however, I thought about a pre-launch phase where a promotional service will be offered, the name of which I am already revealing now: Logobakery. Inside, totally free partial services will be offered with the request to leave feedback as a review on the social channels of the project. You will have more news on this in the coming weeks.

But here the problem arises: the social channels of a project must first of all be created. Over the past few months, I have slowly embarked on this construction, trying to provide a face with the relevant information at the time of the pre-launch. In the past week, I finished the construction and I have officially published a page for each of the most used social channels and which for the moment will be the ones chosen by the project.

Do you want to know what they are? Very simple: you can consult the page at the following link

where you will find a series of buttons to use to reach the channel that you have the most curiosity or need to consult.


Let's see in a quick overview the series of channels that have just been made official.

We created it in 2 versions, one in my native language - Italian - and the other in English. The design was created using the Sites platform offered by Google. The Italian version is directly hosted by Google on their servers, the other has been stored on the same servers, however, making it accessible to its own domain, the free one offered by the Tokelau region. Below, I leave you the links.

Website in Italian
Website in English

Again, we have created 2 different versions, one in Italian, the other in English. Not being established business accounts, we preferred not to grab additional expenses which, if anything, will be faced in the future if the project revenues allow it. Below, the links to the two pages.

Facebook Page in Italian
Facebook Page in English

An unique page where we will share images taken from the articles on the blog. You can find us at the following link.


Our blog articles will be posted on Steem directly on my posts page. Subsequently, repost will be made on slightly more targeted blogging platforms. I, therefore, decided to choose Publish0x as a real blog, where you will find only articles about Digitall Project, which on Steem you would not be able to do. There will also be a Medium channel where the same articles or parts of them will appear. I advise you to consult the publish0x platform because their method involves rewarding readers with a small tip in crypto. I leave you the links below.

Publish0x Blog

We have created a dedicated page on Google Maps by making a registration then verified by Google. The location indicated is not the actual location of the business as for the moment we do not have a physical location. Our work will be based on a remote working method and the products derived from our services will be sent through different channels, but always via the web (peer2peer, cloud, etc., except in exceptional cases). We also created an email using Google services and chose it as a preferred contact channel. The links below to view on Google Maps and the e-mail.

Digitall Project on Google Maps
Digitall Project E-mail: [email protected]

We have created an additional contact channel by creating a Telegram account. The chat service will be used in the case of structured conversations or requests for information. We also have a Whatsapp number which you can find on the Facebook page. The associated number is not active for voice calls but only for chat / messaging. Direct link to the telegram account below.

Telegram Digitall

Trustpilot & Crunchbase
We also launched a page on both Trustpilot and Crunchbase. Trustpilot will be essential for the pre-launch phase because one of our goals is precisely to collect a sufficient number of verified reviews that can facilitate a future larger-scale entry into the business world. Below you will find the links.

Trustpilot Page

I hope I have given you a sufficient overview. We are considering adding a few more short-term channels, such as LinkedIn and maybe Reddit. We will see how the project will proceed. The first step will certainly be the pre-launch phase with Logobakery. We will provide you with updates shortly.

Stay Tuned and see you next time Steem!



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