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Rising Star has been a slow & steady investment for me. It's a game that slowly grew on me. The updates are coming one after other. I'm actually impressed. Last week I made this post and @minimining was telling me about staking rewards. It's a cool concept where you basically bet on other person's success in NFT sales.

It's kind of like BitClout! - I haven't used it because I still think it might not be good decentralized investment. I saw few red flags. Rising Star on the other hand is more trusted and decentralized!

Staking On @gribbles

Why did I stake all my remaining Starbits on him?
I kind of knew his name & I'm already following him on Hive. I've heard some of his music and they sounded good. I really didin't dig deep on economics. It's just passive income for just having some Starbits.

Doing My Band Auditions!

It's not news. I didn't post about it. But I've been doing auditions over a month. It got stuck cause I was doing too many Easter Missions. I had to get those Limited Edition Instruments!!!

Screenshots For 1st Few Tries

Nothing was really happening. That's the thing with auditions It's kind of like Special Missions. Instead of 30 mins it takes 240 mins. That's 8 times tougher. band slot unlock rates seem to be around the same level.

Finally Unlocked Something!

This was March 21st. While looking at the band I realized I could even upgrade my Touring Couch to something better. I had the card and hadn't changed anything yet. So I tool care of that too :)

I've Come Far

Even now I'm doing missions to unlock that final slow and see if I can move to the 3rd area of the game where better things exist. Here's a snapshot of current state which I plan to change vey soon :)

Closing Thoughts

I think I've been blessed to find Hive in many ways. People here are so focused on the long term. There's no obsession with short term gains. We've had our diamond hands.

It makes me feel more relaxed and able to attend to other things IRL and not be like a day trader who has to watch everything like a hawk for every price movement.

BTW @gribbles has his own website:
It's been a pleasure to see how Rising Star has been giving a boost to indie artists who are having a hard time getting noticed.

You guys can start playing at