Funny Covid True Story

in GEMSlast year

About two months ago I was doing the last minute deliveries to my customers before lock down kicked in. There are a few of them close together which helped on the day as it was basically a hello and drop off and then onto the next. I think I had 5 deliveries in total and I was now going to my last client and then home.

I normally don't bother with the air conditioner in the car and have the window slightly down. I had put the window back up as that is just out of habit when you come to traffic lights for safety purposes. Smash and grab is a thing in some hot spots and having a window down is sometimes asking for some entertainment.I was in a rush so not today and finally arrived at my customers security check point. Normally the smart arsed security guard has a breathalyzer, but today he had a new toy one of these high tech cheap Chinese thermometers.


Covid was a thing everyone was talking about and my first encounter to be medically examined by someone who can't even read properly and count. He tested my temperature and was straight onto his other favorite toy the walkie talkie. All I could make out was 38 something and he was looking at me funny. He said I was sick and had a fever and after some explaining I saw what he meant and said I am working and not sick as it is hot today. Must have been in the low 30 degrees range but much hotter in the car and hadn't even twigged how hot it really was. After about 15 minutes of time wasting he was happy as my temperature had dropped to let me through the new "tight high tech security"

I mentioned this today in my post as the same thing happened to my son today.He was dropping something off and the company vehicle he was using didn't have an aircon. He had men with white suits (PPe) approach the car and take his temperature and all hell broke loose as he was also in the 38 range. Apparently anything under 37.3 means you are normal and don't have Covid. They wanted to drag him off to hospital and fill up a waiting bed. Like me 2 months ago he had to explain that he is working and they should just leave him alone.His temperature also came back to normal and off he went back to work.

I have heard most toff the testing kits are faulty as well as these high tech thermometers and only about 30 percent of the tests are accurate. I just wish people would also use some common sense as if you were 38 degrees normally you would know you were not quite right. Anyways I found this amusing as it has happened to someone else and not just me.