Light breeze

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Light breeze

My favorite wind is the breeze. This is a light breeze from the sea, which, on the surface of the sea, leaves small ripples, it is a special wind, it has a special, soft smell.

A couple of hours ago, my daughter and I left the house, and, I was very surprised. I felt a slight touch and smell, that same wind, breeze.

But, to the sea, it’s very far, not just far, but, it’s nine hundred kilometers, but I could not confuse this wind with anything else.

A thought flashed through my mind, as if, to me, to visualize this wind with the help of photographs, but I rejected this idea.

We headed to the city center, where the old market is located, in the middle of the old quarters of the city.

We decided to walk and, along the way, take pictures of the city.

The path was not close, six kilometers, but, for us, this is not a big distance.

The first photograph I took on an abandoned gozon. A small, purple flower appeared out of the grass.

It was the size of a pin eye, but very beautiful.


In the shade of a bush, I found this snow-white family, which, in a hurry to see the sun.


Saying goodbye to the flowers, we went on and saw a strange picture. In front of the window of an abandoned building, someone left a pair of boots, apparently, they decided to change their winter shoes to spring ones, right on the street.


The phone rang, and we had to speed up the pace. Walking through the old quarters, you can see a strange combination of architectural styles, their absence, bright colors and cracks on the plaster.


Along the way, we came across doors that do not lead anywhere. Their time has passed, now, this is canvas for lovers of graffiti.


Night rain left a memory of himself.


Along the way, we laughed a lot, like this time. This road sign, apparently, indicates that it prohibits the parking of vehicles, but only one, half of it. There were many options, and, all of them, they were funny.


A few days ago, the city was gray, but now, emerald grass has appeared, and graced the town.


Going out onto the main street, I saw a very bright puddle. There, in the depths of the water, the sun lived. No, not the Sun that everyone was talking about, the last few weeks, it was, the real sun, not a fake.

But, so far, I did not know that the idea of ​​photographing the breeze is quite feasible!


Once in front of the cathedral, which is a small copy of the Cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris, I saw a huge puddle and ..... I saw ... a breeze!


Standing, on the edge of this large puddle, I again felt the smell of the sea and the light breath of the wind, which left small ripples on the surface of the water.

I felt that the program was maximum - complete, I found and photographed what cannot be seen - a breeze.


Photos taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 camera
I edited a photo in the program Photo-Director, which I also installed on my smartphone.

Author @barski

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