An outlook and data of today COVID-19 Italian situation 🇮🇹 - What is R0?

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We are doing our best to flatten the curve here in my house. We changed our grocery shopping habits so now we only go 2-3 times a month and we are home home home.

I decided to start keeping my kids home 3 days before the schools closed and don’t regret it one bit.

Only “problem” is that I did my shopping before everyone else did and if people don’t stop panic buying anytime soon I may have to go out and be in line at the supermarket with the large crowds. I will hold off as ling as possible.

At the moment I am wondering, how necessary is fresh milk anyway?

Lucky for me, some stores are opening early for high risk people and since I am 7 months pregnant I may be able to get into the stores during “special hours” soon.

Soon meaning next Wednesday- a whole week from now... good thing I stocked up!

Thanks for your comment @metzli. Here the problem is more in the city with people getting out to stores/markets and waiting in line. In small towns of 10/20K people (which are the hearth of Italy) I do not see such problems.

We got some long lasting milk for long term, shopping once per week will be the best solution. Here bakeries are bringing bread and stuff at your home, and so are doing the majority of the shops. Do they do the same over there?

congrats on your pregnancy, I really wish you the best 😃

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