Sidikalang Coffee: A Gem From North Sumatra, Indonesia

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Work from home during this lockdown makes me more frequent about making coffee.

I did start learning to reduce coffee intake, and two months ago it was successful. But then the amount of work that is more makes me have to make more coffee to keep my mood still good when working on completing several documents.


The area where I live is in North Sumatra, and here is Sidikalang coffee which has been famous for a long time. It was like the drink of my grandfathers and did not fade from generation to generation.

Coffee powder like this is better and better than instant sachet coffee which is currently popular in the modern market.


Sidikalang coffee is one of the best types of Indonesian coffee that has a unique taste and you should try it if you visit North Sumatra Indonesia.

Sidikalang coffee has a strong taste and aroma and has a low acidity level. Another characteristic feature of this coffee is the taste of a chocolaty flavor.


So this time I brewed Sidikalang Coffee with the addition of sweetened condensed milk as a sweetener.



I also use local products for sweetened condensed milk.

The Golden Ratio for Brew Coffee

We know that there are many ratios for coffee and water, and each uses a different size.

For me, I chose the ratio of 1:18/12 grams of coffee / 1 tablespoon of coffee : 210 ml of water


After brewing coffee with 210 boiling water, I prepare sweetened condensed milk.


Strain the coffee, then add it to the cup that already contains sweetened condensed milk.


That's how I get my version of delicious coffee.

Sidikalang coffee is always in my heart, from North Sumatra, for coffee lovers.


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