COTTON CANDY HAIR /Cabello de algodón de azúcar. Illustration + process by Alejandra Her

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Cotton candy hair

My little daughter has frizzy hair, very afro, which contrasts with her light skin. Popcorn head have been told. She loves her hair, and so do I. A few days ago she imagined that her hair was cotton candy, and she said to me: if my hair was cotton candy, I would surely have it short, because we would eat my hair all day.

Mi hija pequeña tiene el cabello crespo, muy afro, que contrasta con su piel clarita. Cabeza de cotufa le han dicho. Ella ama su cabello, y yo también. Hace unos días ella imaginaba que su cabello fuera de algodón de azúcar, y me decía: si mi cabello fuera de algodón de azúcar seguro lo tendría cortito, porque comeríamos de mi cabello todo el día.

It is true, her hair is so soft that even being hair causes me to eat it.

Es cierto, su cabello es tan suave, que aún siendo cabello me provoca comérmelo.

Here my illustration. If you have a sweet tooth, enjoy it.

Aquí mi ilustración. Si te gusta el dulce, disfrútala.

The illustration process

I made this illustration entirely digital. You can't imagine how much I miss painting with watercolors, and unfortunately I have not done it because I do not have the materials, I cannot go to the stores that I visited because of the whole COVID-19 issue, and I have not decided to shop online, having other priorities. But it is a style that I adore, so I decided to paint in watercolors at any cost.

Esta ilustración la hice enteramente digital. No saben cuanto extraño pintar con acuarelas, y lamentablemente no lo he hecho porque no tengo los materiales, no puedo ir a las tiendas que visitaba por todo el tema COVID-19, y no me he decidido comprar por internet, teniendo otras prioridades. Pero es un estilo que adoro, así que decidí pintar en acuarelas a como diera lugar.

First I made the digital sketch, using this photo as a reference.

Primero hice el sketch digital, usando esta foto como referencia.


The rest is just painting. You can paint with the watercolor effect with almost any brush in Photoshop. But it is important that you modify the settings of the brushes, activate the function of wet edges and texture, and voila.

El resto es solo pintura. Puedes pintar con el efecto acuarela con casi cualquier pincel en Photoshop. Pero es importante que modifiques la configuración de los pinceles, actives la función de bordes húmedos y textura, y listo.



7 2.png

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I love those sparks in her eyes. She looks surprised.

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