The Final Rush

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Corornavirus continues to make victims, all over the world, but not all of its victims are actually a direct cause of the infection with the virus, and here I'm not referring to any type of conspiracy whatsoever, so you know from the start. It's collateral victims, if I make call them like this, that I want to point at today.

Yesterday I got a call from a good friend of mine that I haven't seen for some two months or so, and haven't talked on the phone either since we weren't supposed to stay inside and do the social distancing game, although phone calls are allowed... As soon as I answered and we said Hi, and he asked me if I heard the bad news... and I said I haven't...

Then he told me that that the brother of a common friend of ours died on Thursday in a car crash. He was actually driving his own car from work to his residence, working some 30 kilometers away from home, and while taking a turn at quite high speed he got into a wall, and due to not wearing the seat belt he was catapulted through the windscreen... and died.

35 years old, a wife and two kids... What do you tell a family when finding about such events. I am thinking of calling this friend of mine since yesterday but honestly I don't know what to say. I'm really not good at all to talk for funerals or weddings... because it's simply not me. I don't have the words for such events.

You may wonder now what has Corona to do with all this? I'm not 100% but I have a hunch. The guy was working as a mechanic in a town near his home and as often as he could he would work some extra hours to earn more than what a fixed income would provide. After all, he wanted a house for his family, and definitely a better life.

As a mechanic you don't put your tools off at a certain hour and just leave, at least not in this country. You gotta finish the job so the client can take his car and go home with it. That's how it works in here. BUT, during this pandemic state emergency shit that the virus has created, we are not allowed anymore to be out after 22:00. Yes I know it's late hours.

The accident happened at 21:20, so he might have rushed home to avoid being fined, quite big, for violating the government's decision. Nobody knows for sure, but that's what many of us are supposing. Otherwise he wouldn't have to drive that fast and loose control of his car.

Now, if he would have the choice he would probably pay any fine and live today, but when you're caught in stress and rush... you don't think like this anymore. I guess he definitely didn't, and that was his final rush. Was it worth it? Definitely not? Does the government decision to forbid anyone getting out after 22:00 makes any sense? Hell not...

Neither our personal declarations that we need to carry anywhere we go make no sense. Social distancing would have been enough, but in a world led by psychopaths and run by idiots, I'm a fool expecting conscious decisions and harmony, especially in this shit country. I don't know how much of an impact did this virus had on you and your families, but the stress it puts on billions around the world is immense.

We might save a few hundred thousands, especially elderly ones, from this virus but we harm immensely the other ones keeping them in fear, constant stress, confinements and robbing their freedoms and privacy. One thing that I am fully aware, and science is here to confirm through doctor Bruce Lipton, is that stress will only harm our immune system and do nothing else better for us.

I have noticed years ago when I was under consistent stress that my immune system was always weak and I would always get cold, even three times a year, but what can we expect now from a planet held under constant stress 24/7 for months now. I appreciate the intention of authorities to protect people from getting infected, I don't appreciate their approach towards accomplishing that though. It feels like we're sacrificing too much.

Stress is one of the most toxic chemicals that we ingest almost daily and nobody put a ban on it on this planet... ever, and stress might have caused this friend of mine's brother to rush to his final turn, hence is it this virus that harmful compared with other parasites that are rotting us alive, and nobody does anything about? If yes, we should reconsider everything we do on this planet because we have an ill world...

Image courtesy of unsplash and damn free to use

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