Contest Result: Steem4nigeria Accelerator Contest Week 41: Navigating Through Conflicts

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Hello friends,

Greetings to you all. Today, I present to you the winners of the "Navigating Through Conflicts" contest.

In all, there were 35 entries for this contest, it was a good turn up and all participants gave a good account of their understanding of the topic. We are pleased with all the entries and must say the turnout was very pleasing, thank you all for your time.


Top 3 Entries

Reward Distribution


We would love to thank everyone who took part in this week's contest. But If you didn't make it up to the top 3, do not feel bait'sits definitely not because you didn't do well, you all did absolutely well, but we only had space for three. We celebrate you all.



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🤗Me alegra mucho haber ganado este concurso lo hice con mucho cariño❤️ gracias bye.

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