Steemit Engagement Challenge S5/W6 - A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed".

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Hello famz, am super excited we are in the the final week of the engagement contest. It has been an awesome experience all the way, I want to believe it's the same with you. I can't really wait for the commencement of season 6 because I know it will be more interesting and engaging.

Having gone through the topic for this week, I decided to make an entry. Indeed we all have friend who are friends indeed. In this post, I will be sharing with us one of my friend indeed. Kindly join me on this ride even as I take you on a

Share your understanding of the saying "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed".

A friend in need is a friend Indeed is a saying that have been for a very long time, it is used to describe the quality of friends you have around you. Understanding this saying can naturally help you screen the kind of people around, I mean the people you call friend.

Since no man has it all, we will all at some point be in need of one thing or the other and at this point we are at our vulnerable state, we always need a shoulder to lean on at this point. Now if those you call your friends are not there for you in such a time as this due to some flimsy and illogical excuses, then they don't really deserve to be your friends.

Friends are meant to watch your back and also contribute their quota to ensure you're doing well. Do not get me wrong at this point. You're responsible for your life but then some other key players we call friend also have a role to play in ensuring your are always at your best even in your worse state...

Let me wrap up this section by saying take heed of those you call your friends, I hope your friends are not those who loves to be around you only when things are working perfectly and smoothly? Take note of those who stand with you and by you during your down moments, they deserve to be around you in your good times.

Do you have anyone you can call a friend indeed? (Choose one regardless of the distance apart at the moment) How did you meet and how long have you known each other? (Share his/her name and picture).

Oh yes! I've got quite a few I call my friends indeed, they have proven to be one. They have taken my burdens upon themselves like it theirs, they always wants to see me at my best. I have them in my circle and am grateful for the gift of them.

Since am asked to talk about one of my friends, I will love to talk about an amazing friends by name @ruthjoe, it's funny how we've not met physically but get along like 5&6 since we met...hahahahaha... that's on a lighter note anyways but trust me she has been amazing.

How did you meet and how long have you known each other


Meet my friend @ruthjoe

Interestingly, we met on this platform sometimes last year during the good old days of crypto academy. Trust me, I met many great folks back then, I mean amazing people. She was one of them. There was this Nigerian WhatsApp platform then where most users from here discuss about assignments and and how to go about tackling the task for the week.

We would all discuss, joke and catch fun even when we knew we had a serious task ahead of us for the week. This was how we continued week in week out until suddenly, these folks started disappearing, some left the platform. At a point I wasn't seeing her, she wasn't seeing me as well.

It was on one fateful day I came across her on telegram and then I had to send her a message to know how she has been faring and why I have not be seeing her around and that was it...lols. we brought the good old days into the present, this gave me the opportunity to know her even more better. She has been a good friend all the way.

What are the special qualities that attracted you to the person or the sacrifices they have made for you in the past? Do you think your friendship remained intact as it started?

  • Friendly

Ruth is friendly, maybe we wouldn't have been this close if she wasn't...I mean what will I be doing around someone who isn't cheerful or friendly, nobody want to be around anyone emitting bad energy. I noticed back then in that telegram/WhatsApp group (where we used to gather to discuss and share ideas about the task in the academy) that She relates freely with everyone. I guess this was what made me reached out even after a long period of being disconnected.

  • Hardworking.

This is just undisputable, only few ladies were seriously carrying out crypto task then because of the effort you need to put in. You have to do alot of research to answer the questions, there were times we needed to do some technical analysis and the likes, she was doing all of these with us, hers was even more accurate than that of many of us then.

Today the energy is still very high she still create beautiful and quality contents and am not always very surprised when her post is picked by most community curators because of the effort she put into her post. I love the fact that she keeps showing up consistently with the same high energy level.


Meet my friend @ruthjoe

  • Godly

I am privilege to know this because I came close, I know her off chain even though we have not met physically. Some of her activities I have been privileged to see already tells me the kind of person she is. From what I've observed so far, she is godly and she take the things of God serious. I've seen her post stuffs about her retreat and camping experience on about two occasions or thereabout
In summary, she loves the things of God.

  • Large Hearted

She loves people and also show respect for people. She is very accommodating, she is not a judgemental person, neither does she segregate, she treats all the same way she treat one.

Is the person on Steemit and how is he/she faring in the Ecosystem? If they are not, why have they not joined through you? (Are there special reasons for that).

From my communication so far, you would have seen that the person in question is a user on the platform and is doing excellently well. I believe she would be hitting her very first dolphin very soon...smiles.
I hope I have not casted somebody, lol. Well all I am trying to communicate is that she is doing pretty fine and I believe if the energy level is maintained, she will be the next big discussion on the platform...yea!

Write a short message to tell him/her how amazing he/she is.

Hi ruthjoe! I believe this is an opportunity to tell you how amazing you have been since we met. Thank you for those times you gave those priceless piece of advise and for understanding this scarce friend of yours...smiles, I know I can be very busy and scarce sometimes but you have always been very understanding

I really want to cease this opportunity to wish you well even on this platform. Just keep at what you're doing, I can't wait to celebrate you, I seriously look forward to celebrating you.
Thanks for all you do...

So this is where I will be drawing the curtain. Am super grateful for the opportunity to participate once again in this season's engagement contest which have been awesome all the way. I will love to invite @josepha, @ruthjoe @temitopef @barnsbarnabie.
Thanks for your time. I really appreciate y'all for coming this far with me...


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I got to know ruthjoe here on Steemit and I must confirm that she's an easy going person and seems good to make genuine friendship.
Your aforementioned qualities possessed by this lady are very correct, I personally can relate so well with the godly and hardworking qualities. May the bond continue to strengthen.

Thank you so much for inviting me. I've entered the contest too.

Wao! Am glad you can attest to all of these. Character, they say cannot be hidden no matter how hard you try to cover it. Thank for the awesome comment. I wish you the very best in your entry as well.

Awww! I feel so honored that am your friend and you choose to write about me in this challenge.

Thank you for the short message you wrote to me about how amazing I am. Am really blushing now.

I must say you have been a great friend, I have leant so much from you and I can boldly call you my friend. Am grateful for all the lovely words.

All the best deserve even more my friend. Keep being you, keep those qualities, they will take you places you can never imagine. Thank you!

Aww! Thank you once again

 3 months ago 

Waooh you have an amazing person as a friend. Eversince o came across your friend @ruthjoe on Steemit, I know she would be a very nice and caring lady. Indeed you met the right person as a friend brother. You have written well about your best friend. Best of luck to you.

@josepha, You've been an amazing bro as well. I know I will definately write about you someday, I have personally learnt so many things from you on this platform, I have also read beautiful things about you from others. Do keep it up. You will surely be celebrated.

 3 months ago 

You have presented a wonderful write-up about ruthjoe, and I can attest to all her personality that you explained above. She is an amazing, friendly, and large-hearted person that wishes well for everyone and wants everyone to win on this platform. Good luck in the contest.

Thanks dear, I appreciate your comment on my post. I will be looking forward to your entry as well.

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