Snail's Health Benefits, Farming, and Profitability

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Many people across the world love eating meat from animals, although the story is the other way round for vegetarians. From beef, chevon, pork and so on, we have choices or the ones we consume regularly even though some of them are considered to be quite unhealthy if consumed excessively. Let's talk about snail today.

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Snail Meat

The snail is considered a mollusc because it belongs to the Mollusca, a phylum of invertebrate animals (e.g creatures without a backbone), other animals in the same family as snails are clams, squids, slug, octopus, cuttlefish, and so on, to mention a few. Snails are housed in a single spiral shell which acts as their shield against outside threats.

Snails remain in that shell, bringing out their heads during movement or feeding, in essence, the body is maintained in the shell until there is a need to spread its head/foot for feeding/navigation as highlighted earlier. Likewise, when there are attacks from other predators or humans using them as a source of food (it definitely involves removing it from the shell for preparation).

Capturing a Snail on my hand at the local Market (Oluode) | What3words Location

Red meats like beef and others in the same category have been identified to be associated with some health issues while white meats such as chicken, rabbit meat, turkey and so on, are known to be preferable because of their high nutrients, low fat, and other health benefits. Snail meat is also known to be white meat and it's rich in protein, and a lot of other nutrients (Iron, Calcium, Vitamin A, and so on) most especially it's characterized by low fat.

Benefits of Eating Snail Meat

Snail meat is rarely consumed by many people and I'm not an exception, only a few people who have been diagnosed with certain sicknesses/diseases and others who highly value the benefits of snail meat are often seen consuming this type of meat. Let's talk about some of the health benefits of snail meat.

  • Snail meat is high in Iron and it can be useful for patients with Iron-deficiency anemia to relieve some of the effects of the condition and as well treat the underlying diseases that lead to such shortage/malfunctioning of red blood cells.

  • It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, it is established that some food fats are stored in the arteries, if it becomes excessive it can be a risk of heart attack and other related heart diseases as such snails are low-fat meat which reduces such risks of heart diseases. In essence, it's great for healthy heart.

  • Of course, snails meat are also good for bones and teeth, knowing that it's rich in Iron.

  • It also helps to reduce blood pressure, minerals like Magnesium and Potassium found in snail meat are responsible for this benefit.

These are just a few benefits of eating snail meat out of numerous, you can read more at leisure. That said, some materials stated that snails are good for skincare as such it's been utilized in some companies that belong to that sector.


Snail Farming

Let's see the side of business opportunities for our valuable snails in this section. When it comes to livestock farming, many people/farmers focus on the likes of cattle rearing, poultry, fishery and so on but do you know that snail farming is suitable for both small-scale farmers and others, tapping from the wealth of snails while leveraging their easy and cost-effective rearing?

Snails housing doesn't require a huge sum of money, they can be reared on the surface covered with loamy soil (if there is enough space where you currently occupied and safe from bad neighbors) and adequately fenced to avoid interference from predators or you can construct a wooden structure laid with soil where the snails can dwell on.

Snail Feeding

It was highlighted earlier that the rearing of snails is quite very easy as compared to other livestock, I believe a lot of poultry farmers or intending ones have held back from the business because of the ever-increasing cost of feeds for the birds. Snails can strive well on these fruits;

  • Pawpaw (not too ripe ones recommended).
  • Carrots.
  • Green peas
  • Cucumber.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Lettuce.
  • And so on.

Many believed that feeding snails on fruits alone can seem a bit expensive as such leaves of certain plants can be introduced to their feeding, for example, leaves of pawpaw, potatoes, carrots, apple, broccoli, eggplant, cassava, okra, and so on. In essence, rearing them and feeding them is very cheap.

Snail Farming Profitability

Snail farming can be highly profitable provided that one chooses the right breed and practices the rearing effectively with good site selection, feeding, and overall management. The Achatina Fulica breed was said to be able to lay 100 - 400 at a time and up to 6 times yearly, you can imagine the addition to your farm when these hatch.

That said, when starting a business like this, it is advised to get grown ones that they are ready to lay, and in the Nigerian market, this is estimated to cost around 450 NGN (3 STEEM) and getting a few of a breed that yield many eggs is just a way to making a lot from the business.

For example, a big snail (an average weight of 350 grams) in the market now is sold around 1,500 NGN (9.7 STEEM), the price was gotten from my research at a local market on two occasions with pictures from these separate days.

Snails displayed for sale at the local Market (Oluode) | What3words Location

One of the Snails displayed for sale at the local Market (Oluode) | What3words Location

Above is the size of snails that are being sold at that cost. You can draw your plan and see how much you can generate if you'd choose to come up with some capital for a business like this. According to a few research I conducted, I realized that most snails in the market now (rainy season) are hunted for in the forest which means they are not necessarily reared.

Wandering Snail in my Compound | What3words Location

An example of those is the one above found wandering in the compound in the early hours of the day which sums up how abundant they are during this season. Do you think their abundance would spoil business for you? No! Don't think so, there is a season ahead (dry season) when snails would be very scarce and cannot be gotten easily by hunting, then farmers reap the fruits of their labor massively with the right connection to the snail market.



In conclusion, snail farming could be another livestock farming you are not quite familiar with but it's highly profitable with cost-effective rearing. A lot of people know the importance of snail meat, it could make you a lot with the starting resources, right practice, and patience.

This article may not be fully sufficient to tell you all the information you need about the business but it sure gives you a head-up in regards to the realm of snails and their farming, you are advised to carry out further research before you go ahead. Thanks for reading and I look forward to share more tips with you subsequently.

 2 months ago 

Smail farming is a lucrative business and easy to keep. I could remember when I was in Abia State,I was able to keep few of them. The cost of feeding them is next to nothing. I was feeling them with the unripped pawpaw and the leaves, along with other things that costs nothing. You have just brought back my memory of snails farming. And you have made a well detailed publication about it that anyone can follow and start snails farming. The pictures of the snails you have included are are just as real as the snails. Thanks for sharing this useful tips

 2 months ago 

Awesome! Thanks for the valuable addition, that is one special thing about feeding snails, it costs so little according to many researches I've conducted. I appreciate your contribution to this, @ngoenyi.


As a lover of snail meals due to its rich contents, I must say you are doing great and would like to get my shares sent to me..
I once had the idea to go into snail farm as I am from a farming family myself, but I couldn't make up the capital for my proposed farm, so its still on hold for now. Thank you for sharing this great piece with us.

 2 months ago 

I'm glad you have once thought of going into snail farming and I wish you the best if you are still willing. Thanks for your time, @sahmie.

I am farmer I love agriculture .you are very hard worker good luck

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Wow, You have written excellently on snail, the benefit of snail you stated above are very good, yes snail being a low cholesterol meat reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases caused by some build-up fatty deposits in the wall of the artery.

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful presentation with us, now I got to know the type of food snail feed on and also got enlightened that to rear snails is not as hard as I thought.

 2 months ago 

Yeah, snails meat helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases which makes it highly beneficial to our health. Thanks for your time on this, @temitopef.


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Thank you @pelon53 and Team 5.

I'm a huge fan of snail meat. People underestimate the potential of snail farming.

 2 months ago 

That's good to know about you, @oguzvic. Thanks for reading.

Que post más interesante, sabía de la existencia de los caracoles pero ni idea de que eran alternativas alimentaria y además viable. Tiene muchos beneficios y gracias a ti he salido un poco de mi ignorancia. Mil gracias por compartir, saludos y te envió u gran abrazo.

 2 months ago 

I'm glad you have been able to learn a few things from this article. Thank you, @casv.

Hello friend, what an interesting publication. I have never had the opportunity to eat snail, but now I have learned about this mollusk and all the benefits it brings us. Very good photos, success.

 2 months ago 

It's been years since I last ate this special meat as well despite its richness, many of us tend to overlook it and chose other meat types. I'm glad you have learned a few things from this. Thank you, @carlaisl.

Your article help me to read about my one of favourite meat in detail thank you dear @fredquantum

 2 months ago 

I'm glad you found this useful, @ikramullah430. #Steem-on.

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