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RE: Endlich wieder Melken!

I wish to learn but I'm scared of all kind of animals. Even from sheep, cats and dogs. 🙈

I'm curious and loving the idea at the same time.

P.S. Didn't know it was a test but glad that I passed. The username and the content... it was hard to miss this.😛

 5 months ago 

Oh, that's right, you mentioned your phobia of animals earlier. Too bad, because animals give you so much.

Hihi, the "test" was a joke, of course. I just noticed when I looked who discovered the first post (which was "resteemed") because so... ;-)
I have written an "introduction post" for this account yesterday. In it, the "dilemma" is taken up again. Unfortunately, the post is difficult to understand in translation, as a former team member noted. Yes, "our" team is mentioned - that was funny at those times, I only say "SteemPunks "... ;-)

I will check the post. I'm lagging behind again. 🙈

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