5 months ago 


You want to learn how to milk? No problem, I can introduce you to the craft. Come visit - there is always a bed ready for you... 😉

Okay. I'm still thinking about an introduction. Right now I'm in the early experimentation phase. This variant seemed more sensible to me than the escape into the (still not started its operation) NO community... 🤪
What you are seeing? You are seeing NO hashtags, you are seeing NO challenges, you are seeing NO controllers, after a year you are seeing NO second thoughts about the SteemPunks anymore... And you will see NO super articles that never appear because I fail at my own requirements and time management...

Also, this whole thing is a test: who of my 1500+ followers is an oldschool Steemian and pays attention to their feed? 😂
You passed the test... 😘

I wish to learn but I'm scared of all kind of animals. Even from sheep, cats and dogs. 🙈

I'm curious and loving the idea at the same time.

P.S. Didn't know it was a test but glad that I passed. The username and the content... it was hard to miss this.😛

 5 months ago 

Oh, that's right, you mentioned your phobia of animals earlier. Too bad, because animals give you so much.

Hihi, the "test" was a joke, of course. I just noticed when I looked who discovered the first post (which was "resteemed") because so... ;-)
I have written an "introduction post" for this account yesterday. In it, the "dilemma" is taken up again. Unfortunately, the post is difficult to understand in translation, as a former team member noted. Yes, "our" team is mentioned - that was funny at those times, I only say "SteemPunks "... ;-)

I will check the post. I'm lagging behind again. 🙈

 5 months ago 

!finanzbot 10%

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