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The Linux Foundation announced it will host the Trust over IP (ToIP) Foundation, an independent project to enable trustworthy exchange and verification of data between any two parties on the internet in a way that does not require third-party verification. The founding members of the ToIP Foundation include Accenture, BrightHive, Cloudocracy, Continuum Loop, CULedger, Dhiway, esatus, Evernym, Finicity, Futurewei Technologies, IBM Security, IdRamp,, Lumedic, Mastercard, MITRE, the Province of British Columbia and SICPA. In total, 29 organizations are participating at the time of launch.

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Before continuing to read the article, pay attention to the companies and organizations listed and be aware of why this may be. Consider the context of security being discussed here as well: it is a preview of what will come.

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