Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 8 Week 3: Smoking Kills!

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Assalamualaikum everyone.

Welcome to this post. I hope that all of you will be good and happy and enjoying your precious health with the grace and blessings of Almighty Allah. Today, I am here to be a part of the week 3 contest in the STEEMIT HEALTH community. The topic of discussion for this week is going to be very much interesting, Smoking Kills. So, let's start the discussion without any wastage of time.

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Give your views about the phrase "Smoking Kills!".

I totally agree with this phrase that "Smoking Kills". We have seen in recent years that smoking is becoming very common but we should be aware of the mental and physical health damages that the smoking may cause to the healthy people even. This phrase is actually a warning to all of those people who are addicted to smoking.

Smoking is a very bad habit and it is an issue of our whole society. A smoker is not lived by anyone and many of the people dislike this habit. There are many dangerous effects of smoking on our health and even it may cause many diseases. We have seen the lungs cancer, skin cancer, respiratory disorders and even mental health disturbances that may cause due to smoking.


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Not even these diseases, but the regular and highly frequent smoking may also cause the complete loss of our immune system and even it may also be fatal on the higher stages. So, it is very important to reduce the high level adoption of smoking in every age. Unfortunately, our youth is also becoming addicted to smoking and it is a sign of the destruction of our society or even the whole nation.

So, there is a great importance of this phrase. This phrase is even written sometimes on the cigarette boxes and sticks but alas, our people are still much interested in this act. It is a very dangerous condition of a nation if the people are involved in such kind of acts. Smoking and other drug addiction has also become one of the most common reasons behind the destruction of many families. So, I agree that smoking kills the smokers.

What are the main reasons why people become addicted to smoking?

There are many reasons and causes which may lead to the smoking addiction. The most important reason behind the high rates of smoking addiction is that there are such chemical substances that are used in cigarettes and other smoking items which relaxes the minds of the smokers for a while, but after all, these substances are very much dangerous for the health in long terms.

One of the most common reason that we have seen of the smoking addiction is the domestic violences and stress. Yes, it is also a most common reason behind the smoking addictions. Many people become addicted to smoking due to the mental stress that they have to face due to the family and their personal life problems. Sometimes, the emotional disturbances may also lead to the smoking addiction.


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Another common cause of the smoking addiction is the bad social circle and companies. Many of the young people become addicted to smoking just because of their bad companies. They sat in those people who are already addicted to smoking and they even feel comfort while smoking. They enjoy smoking and the young generation are also involved in these acts.

In short, the smoking addiction could be the result of many causes. Sometimes, the over work load and study load may also lead to smoking addiction in the young students. The youth is becoming addicted to smoking due to lack of monitoring by their parents. Yes, the parents and guardians should monitor their young ones.

Are you addicted to smoking, or someone you may know have addicted to smoking? What changing have you seen after addiction?

No, I am not addicted to smoke. Not even touch any cigarette or any other substance with the plan to smoke. I am thankful to Almighty Allah that I have never ever inhaled the smoke of these substances by myself. Even, I dislike the people who are addicted to smoking and I always try my best to develop a distance between the smokers so that I couldn't be harmed by the smoke.

As I have already said that it is a very dangerous situation of our society that we find every third person smoking, no matter the one is a girl kr a boy, or the age doesn't matter. Alas! There are many cases in my area that I have seen in which the smoking addicted people are so much involved in their acts that they even forget their responsibilities.


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There are many people around me who are addicted to smoking. If I would go much deeper that yes, there is an uncle who is addicted to smoking very much and he is a car mechanic. His workshop is near my home so I mostly see him while smoking when I was crossing the street. I have never seen his hands free from cigarettes.

The first thing that is affected by smoking addiction is the behaviors of the smokers. Talking about the behavior of that uncle, he is always rude and angry with his co-workers and his pupils. Even, I have seen many fights between him and other workers there. His behavior is always very hard and this is the most dangerous condition that we lost control over our nerves. So, smoking addiction is very much bad.

What should we do to reduce the rate of smoking addiction?

It is very much difficult for us to stop a smoker from smoking because smoking has become the most important part of his life and he feels incomplete without a cigarette and even he may also feel illness if he no smokes the whole day. The things that we can do to stop the smoking addiction is that we can tell the people about the harmful effects of smoking on our physical and mental health.


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It is always easy to control any addiction at the early stages so we should arrange different campaigns and seminars regarding the awareness of the hams of smoking to our health. Another important thing that we should do is to run sun trends in social media where we aware the people about the harms of smoking.

Also, it is very much important to moniter the companies of our young ones and moniter if he/she is doing any such activity. We should restrict him from smoking at the early stage so that it is also easy for him to quit smoking. The government of every country should also have to take strict steps in this regard because it is an international issue.

I would like to invite my friends and @faran-nabeel, @sualeha, @alihussain07 and @chant to take part in this amazing contest.



Smoking is a very bad habit and it is an issue of our whole society. A smoker is not lived by anyone

I completely agree with you that smoking is a bad habit and it is a significant issue in our society. It not only affects the physical health of smokers but also has a severe impact on their mental health, as well as the health of those around them who inhale the smoke passively.

chemical substances that are used in cigarettes and other smoking items which relaxes the minds of the smokers for a while, but after all

You have pointed out some of the main reasons why people become addicted to smoking, such as the use of chemical substances in cigarettes that relax the minds of smokers, domestic violence and stress, bad social circle and companies, and over workload and study load. These reasons are all significant contributors to the addiction to smoking, and it is essential to address them to reduce the rate of smoking addiction.

You have also discussed the changes that you have observed in individuals who are addicted to smoking, such as changes in behavior, including being rude and angry, and loss of control over their nerves. These changes are a result of the addiction to smoking and its impact on their mental health, and it is essential to address them as well.

In terms of reducing the rate of smoking addiction, you have suggested several approaches, such as organizing campaigns and seminars to raise awareness of the harmful effects of smoking on physical and mental health, running social media trends, and monitoring young people by parents and guardians. These are all excellent ideas that can help to reduce the rate of smoking addiction in our society.

Overall, I appreciate your efforts to raise awareness of the harmful effects of smoking on health and to encourage people to quit smoking. We need more people like you to speak up and take action to create a healthier and safer society.

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Hi dear,
Your blog is very well explained about bad habit of smoking 🚭 ,the nicotine presence in cigarette made very deep harmful effects on humans body .
Good luck and Greetings ☺️

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