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Greetings Friends


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How are you? I hope all of my post and admin of this wonderful community will be form of the healthiness and all will be happy by the grace of Allah Almighty. So here i am start with the name of Allah, And i am also fine and happy & enjoy my life by the grace of Allah Almighty. Here a very warm welcome to all of my friends on my new blog.

As you know we are entering in the week 3 of engagement challenge season 8. Ans i am very grateful and happy to be a part of this week and now i will ensure my first participation of this week. I hope all of you really like and enjoy my new blog. Today i eilltake participate on Steemit Health Communit's engagement challenge that is Smoking Kills. It is very important and good topic of this week.

Give your opinion about the phrase "Smoking kills!".

Smoking is not a very good for our health. It is very robust addiction however unluckily this addiction, so risky for our fitness, is inflicting many deaths global and those are nonetheless now no longer aware about the harm it reasons to their fitness, it is a cause of very dangerous disease and they affecting now no longer handiest the fitness of people who smoke however additionally of the those who use them. The cigarette contain nicotine that is very dangerous for our health. It is the maximum alarming component is this.


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And another most dangerous effect of this is terrible addiction is affecting younger individuals who are attracted notably with the aid of using rebellion, empowerment, fashion, loss of awareness, records and assist concerning the harmfulness of this dependancy at home. Many peoples do this as fashion and a part of lifestyle but they don't aware about the side-effects of this.

It is the the most effective manner for them to come to be aware earlier than it's miles too late, due to the fact lamentably till it occurs to the individual or lives carefully the lack of a own circle of relatives member, a pal near the environment, they do now no longer emerge as aware about the results of this horrific habit, which in lots of instances is simply too late.

What are the main reasons why people become addicted to smoking?

As i mentioned above mostly our youth do this as a fashion and they think it is the part of our lifestyle. It is the one of the main reasons of that why people who smoke become addicted once they start trying a cigarette as fashion, is the sensation of pleasure that nicotine causes in the brain of the smoker. And we all know it's very dangerous thisg. smoker, leading him to become mentally and emotionally dependent on a substance. On many events that feeling of feeling suitable fast and the shortage of attention, love, peace, shallowness hurries up the addiction.


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Another cause id that when someone offering us to do smoking, ans we do then they feel a relax and the nicotine take effect on our brain and we feel happy and relax. So we should need to aware from this. And we should need to avoid from these peoples who offering us to do smoking. And we shouldn't do smoke as fashion and a part of our lifestyle.

There is a lot of reasons, Such as this masked delight makes the individual stay in consistent dependency, and specifically this dependency will become more potent if they're in jobs with numerous stress and load, own circle of relatives issues, economic issues and regular worries, than wherein the fastest and simplest break out thing to locate tranquility or overlook for some moments is thru this habit, These peoples does now no longer require an awful lot attempt and lots of do now no longer apprehend that it's far the maximum harmful.

Are you addicted to smoking, or someone you may know have addicted to smoking? What changing have you seen after addiction?

No way, Allahmdulillahh i don't have an habit of smoking. And i don't do this. I hate this and in my family no one do this. Allahmdulillahh, it is not less than any blessing. But my some friends do this but i avoid from him. They all many times offering me to do smoking but i do not smoke. I guide him many times about the side-effects of this but thry do not understand.

I saw many peoples who do smoking, they all are become very lazy and doesn't do any work with full energy and they just wabt to do smoking. They don't care of himself self and do smoking all time even, after lunch, dinner and ate any food they do smoking after this.

What should we do to reduce the rate of smoking addiction?


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As i mentioned, mostly our youth is involved on this and they don't aware about the side-effects of this so very really need to guide him about the side-effects of smoking. On this regard we should need to start campaigns on every schools, collages and universities such as "Smoking kills! or Stop smoking and stay healthy" campaigns, can make a great contribution to reducing the rate of smoking on our youth, we need to do this since they don't leave from this habit.


We can also do this through our social media platforms, like facebook, Instagram and YouTube etc. We should need to start a campaigns on social media platforms and guide our youth about the effects of smoking. We can do this through creating banners, videos and a full documentary on smoking kills. Many famous youtubers can do this easily.

We should need to guiding, accompanying and giving a number of guide to shut human beings in our surroundings to prevent from this terrible habit, through doing this we will be able to decrease the ratio of smoking on area. Ans government should also need to banned this. However it is thebest solution for this. Through this act many peoples leave this habit.

The government should need to increase the taxes of cigarettes and need to increase it's prices. I hope through doing this peoples can leave this habit and they can save thier money. Anyway these are some suggestions for to decrease the ratio of smoking on our youth. I hope we would follow this.

Now this is the end of my this post. I hope all of you really like and enjoy my new post on steemit blog. Ans guys once again i am in waiting for the good response from you and your good comments towards my post.

I would like to invite @wilmer1988 , @aaliarubab , @jyoti-thelight , @suboohi , @nadiaturrina , @steemdoctor1 , @sualeha , nadiaturrina , @pelon53 and @malikusman1 for participating on this contest.

Faran Nabeel

 3 months ago 

I am very happy friend that you know about the harmful components that are present in cigarette back actually cause your life to decrease and leads you towards a lot of diseases.

You are right that many people today especially youth take it as a fashion and they don't consider that how much it is harmful and they just make a fun when someone refrain them from such habits

When you start it taking in the period of distress then this thing adds into your routine and it's a very bad habit and bad routine and nice to know about you that you are away from these habits and your family also.

I wish you a lot of success in this engagement challenge

Thank you so much dear for this constructive feedback. And also thanks for enhanced my knowledge.

 3 months ago 

Your welcome bro


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Las redes sociales pueden ser una buena forma de crear conciencia en la juventud, sobretodo si están rodeados de fumadores activos. Yo también odio esto, más cuando veo las consecuencias en mis hermanos que están bastante avanzados en edad. Es una lástima que dejaron el vicio muy tarde.

Buen post!!! Saludos!

Yes it is really good, And thanks dear for visiting and take time on my post.

I completely agree with you. Smoking is a harmful habit that not only affects the health of the smoker but also the people around them. Peer pressure is a major factor that drives people to smoke, but it's important to be aware of the consequences of smoking and make an informed decision.

Tobacco addiction can have long-term effects on the smoker's physical and mental health, leading to chronic diseases such as cancer, lung disease, heart disease, and stroke. It can also affect your quality of life, leading to reduced lung capacity.

Yep, Thank you so much dear friend for increasing my knowledge and value on my content.

Thanks for visiting and take time on my post. It's means a lot. Thanks for the support.

 3 months ago 

Hello dear friend, I agree with you, this addiction can kill us at any time, young people are certainly very prone to fall into it, however there are many actions we can take to avoid it. One of them or the best would be to completely eliminate this activity. But it is certainly something that will not happen.

I tell you that the last image has no source, and the penultimate one sends me to a main page, not to the specific image. Thanks for your participation, happy day!

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Ohh so sorry for that, i just forget about it, otherwise i did added all images source on my post. And all the pictures taken from Pixabay.

Thank you so much dear for visiting and take time on my post. Thanks for reviewing my post.

 3 months ago 

saludos @faran-nabeel
yo al igual que tu no fumo y creo que la sociedad esta impulsando a esos jóvenes por hobby a fumar , sin duda que es importante poder educar desde las escuelas y liceos lo malo que es fumar y el daño que te hace a ti y tu familia .

Thanks dear for visiting and reviewing my post.

Hello friend,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts this week.
Smoking has caused so many people to act in a way that might seem unusual. Some see smoking as good, while others see it as bad, but the main word to avoid is addiction.
Do well to leave a comment and like on my post

Thank you so much dear for visiting and take time on my post . I am very happy to see your comment and good words towards my post.

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