Steemit Engagement Challenge Season8 Week1: My learning during the pandemic | BIG XD

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Fear in homes

Fear in the streets

A lot of questions, exactly...


First, let's talk about the pandemic. It exploded so suddenly, and everyone on TV believed it. No one knows for sure if this disease exists, where it came from, etc.

Do you know who Klaus Schwab is? If not, I recommend reading about it.


What has the pandemic changed in my life? Well, a lot. I've learned that these days people are even more stupid than I thought. How are masks supposed to protect us from some kind of virus? People agreed to it anyway. But the strangest thing is that at the main speeches of the president and other "important" people, civilians wore masks, and they did not. Don't you find that strange?

What about vaccines? Is this about the vaccines that killed hundreds of thousands of people a few months ago? Because of all this, the company that made these vaccines hasn't even tested them on humans.

What is the true purpose of pandemics and Covid? Overpopulation and a new world order. They want to reduce the world's population, and they have already noticed that we go everywhere as we are told. All through television. Because of this, people do not think for themselves but believe in everything that is shown on the big screen in their homes.


What did I learn from the pandemic? That if people do not understand that they are more than just a walking pieces of meat, only we have the mental and physical strength such that no one has to rule us, then only in the world will it be good.
But it's hard to get there because people just run around after a piece of paper. Money. Money is created by the government. The government prints as much as it wants. The government has ruled and lied to us from birth.

Maybe some people won't agree with me, but at least think about it and don't wear any masks that don't give anything, and especially don't go to any vaccinations that kill vulnerable people...

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