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Smoking kills. I think we all know that. I never understood the phenomenon of smoking. Neither is it good for our taste, nor is it good for our health.


Luckily, now that I've read Annie Grace's book about the effects of alcohol, I know why people drink and smoke. Smoking used to be considered something new and luxurious. In the past, people believed that cigarettes had health benefits, and people who smoked them were treated as "superior" socially. People want to be the same as their boss - a man standing in a suit, smoking a cigarette.

Although cigarettes do not give us anything, and on the contrary, they take away our health, it is easy to explain why people still reached for them. Psychic. Cigarettes are killing us, but when people thought they had health benefits, they smoked them anyway.


Cigarettes and alcohol are the most addictive substances. Even in these times when people know that cigarettes do not give us any health properties, they still smoke. Even on cigarette packs, there are badges with photos of diseases and complications that cigarettes can cause. Why is that? As I mentioned earlier, cigarettes and alcohol are highly addictive substances. The first puff of a cigarette was never good.

Most often, people smoke because people in their group smoke. Thanks to this, you can get closer to her, talk over a cigarette, and even in some situations help yourself financially, for example, people who smoke at work or a boss who smokes. You can go out for a cigarette and talk to him. After some time, the body already has such a tolerance to nicotine that we no longer feel what we did the first time.


After a while, we smoke not to feel good, but only to kill the cigarette hunger. The same goes for alcohol. After some time, pleasure becomes an addiction, and we drink only so that we do not feel this hunger in the subconscious. When a person goes outside to smoke a cigarette and already has in his head that he will light, then the psyche already knows that this will happen and the hunger disappears. Psychic.

I smoked for a year, fortunately, I quickly realized what it was. Almost all of my friends smoke. Fortunately, no one in my family smokes.


For people to stop smoking, they would simply have to withdraw cigarettes from the sale, which unfortunately will never happen because the government makes too much money from it. People are dying and the government wants to depopulate. Agenda 2030. So, to stop smoking you need to be guided by reason. Does smoking kill? It kills and always will.

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 3 months ago 

Thank you

El cigarrillo es una destruccion total para la humanidad y cada dia caen mas personas por este mal que nos agobia.

Los jóvenes creen que es lo mejor , se sienten superiores cuando votan humo por la boca y la nariz.

Y estoy totalmente de acuerda que se deberia de erradicar estas fábricas de tabaco.


 3 months ago 

Los jóvenes no saben lo que hacen. Lo entenderán cuando sea demasiado tarde.

Even on cigarette packs, there are badges with photos of diseases and complications that cigarettes can cause.

Hello Dear - @emsonic

You are right that the harmful aspects of cigarettes are shown and yet people who are addicted to them see and consume them, it is really a shame for us. Very nicely presented. Best of luck to you

Best Regards From - @mostofajaman.

 3 months ago 

Thank you. Reciprocally


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