"Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 8 Week 3: Smoking kills"

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Warm greetings to all friends, I am so happy and so excited to show my participation in the above contest topic, I appreciate the steemit team for their efforts and initiative in the engagement challenge and of course, it has been so educative, lively, and wonderful since the start of the engagement challenge. A special thanks to this amazing community too for such an educative and lively contest topic which is"Smoking kills" keep reading town friends.

Give your opinion on the phrase "Smoking kills!"

Smoking kills! I said this with an exclamation because I wish I could shout to all smokers so they could feel how bitter I am about that. It is real that smoking kills, it doesn't add anything positive when one smokes, the entire body system and skin began to be a mess and the skin does not need fire which can burn the skin and also the body system does not need smoke as well because It could affect the whole body system, especially the Kidney and lungs.

Smokers smoke a lot of things that humanly, wouldn't be acceptable, the producers come out clearly and write on the pack that "smokers are liable to die young" why because they know the sight effect ao youths, children, and old we must stop smoking else there is always a repacution.

What are the main reasons why people become addicted to tobacco?

  • Tobacco is what people smoke and also cigarettes. One of the reasons why people smoke these things is mostly because of fashion and to also feel among the crew which is nonsense. It is a very bad habit and the truth remains that, nothing adds to the body system when one smokes.

  • Some feel it's a way of easing life. The frustration might be much, the depression might be getting so high that some persons feel it is better to smoke, get high and forget about the problems, depression, and stress but is that true? Isn't it another additional problem for the body system?

  • Not all people smoke because they wanted to smoke rather, they copyright from friends, it might seem not a pleasure to them but because others do they try to do and the more you try testing how it feels smoking, the more one become so addicted.

Are you addicted to tobacco or someone you know is addicted to tobacco? What changes have you seen after addiction?

I had never smoked or tested tobacco or anything related to that. It has never dropped in my mind to have a test of that but unfortunately, I have relatives who smoke, they smoke and smoke away their lives. I don't know how my cousin feels while smoking but then I just wish he could change from that.

Immediately my cousin started smoking even before I noticed it, the changes were unbearable, he has changed completely, and his pink lips started changing to a brown color and it gets me confused, I asked if its a sickness in his body he said no. My brother has been a handsome neat guy but all of a sudden, he became most time dirty and doesn't even realize he is smelling bad and his eyes balls become red too

What should we do to reduce the smoking rate?

I always believe that "education is healing" when one is been educated about the sight effect of smoking tobacco, and cigarettes, and whatsoever related to it might not think of smoking it. Children should be educated right from childhood to their various levels of school because as a child grows, peers are before him, and during childhood experiences, a child tends to see children picking so fast and before you know they become already addicted.

Not just restricted to schools, in our various churches, Mosques, and communities, let's educate one another on how bad and slowly smoking kills and it also makes one not safe money because all the thinking will be on smoking alone.

Thank you very much for reading through my post friends, I invite the following persons to show their participation.@ashkhan, @yakspeace, @josephabanf @ishayachris.


I completely agree with your statement that education is the key to reducing smoking rates. It is important to raise awareness about the negative impacts of smoking and how it affects not just the smoker but also the people around them. In addition to education, I think it is also important to provide resources and support to those who want to quit smoking. Quitting smoking is not easy, but with the right support and tools, it is possible.

Good luck.

Thank you very much for reading through my post and also agreeing to the fact that education is really an idea that would help in reducing smoking and I wish you the best.


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Thank you very much for your kind support Sir.

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