A painting painted with water colors.

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Hello friends,

Hello friends how are you all i hope everyone is well by the grace of allah Today I will share with you a very beautiful painting painted with water color. I shared with you how I did this painting. I hope all of you will like this painting of mine.


🎨 Ingredients 🎨

• art book
• pencil
• water Colour
• brush


Details :

step 1 :

First I picked up a drawing book. Then I bought a white paint. Then I painted a big moon in the middle part with white color.


step 2 :

Then I took a red color. Then I painted the moon around red with red color. In this way I finished painting red in half.


step 3 :

Then I took an orange colored water color. Then I painted the lower half of the red color with orange color.


step 4 :

Then I took a black color. Then I painted the empty space in the lower part of the orange color with black.


step 5 :

Then I took a pencil. Then I drew a boy and a girl along the middle part of the moon with a pencil.


step 6 :

Then I took a black color again. Then I started to paint the girl drawn with pencil black little by little. That's how I finished painting the girl.


step 7 :

Then I painted the boy in the same way with black color little by little. Then I drew the profit with a red color in the middle.


step 8 :

Then I painted a lot of grass on the bottom with black paint. Then I finished my beautiful painting.



Thanks everyone


 8 months ago 

Paintings that touch the eyes and heart @sadia7 you are very talented in this art.

 8 months ago 

Thank you 😊.

 8 months ago 

Your painting looking so beautiful beautiful photography with us I like this painting.stay connected

 8 months ago 

Thank you.

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