PHOTOGRAPHY | The Wasps and Their Nests

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Assalamualaikum friends of the BoC Community. May you always be healthy and happy...

My post today is a wasp in its nest. At first, there were about eight wasps, but when I approached, some flew away. And only three left. I found this wasp in a bush near the garden. These wasps provide nests right under the grass, so they are protected from rain.

Physically, the color of this wasp is a combination of black, yellow and reddish brown. While the eyes are green. This wasp also has two antennae right between the eyes. Here are some photos I shared with the BoC Community. Hope it is useful...

CameraRedmi Note 5
LensApexel Macro 12.5/ Modified

Thank you for your support...

 2 months ago 

I never doubt the results of your photography, amazing.

 2 months ago 

wow you have taken a picture of a group of wasps in the nest very nice and the picture is perfect

 2 months ago 

Thank you for support..🙏🙏

 2 months ago 

Thank you for showing us this insect photography, you have to be careful with these insects.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for your attention...👍

 2 months ago 

Incredible effort. You got it nicely. 👍

 2 months ago 

Thank you my friend...🙏

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