Today's macro picture is a picture of a beautiful and enchanting butterfly

in Beauty of Creativity4 months ago

Hello, everyone, wherever you are, welcome to meet me again in the beauty of creativity community to share the description of the information that I have taken, the picture I took this time is of a butterfly that is so wild, but often seen but rarely found, it stands like that but and not moving at all this time I took a picture of a butterfly that is so beautiful and so enchanting from different views and different views, the butterfly At first I saw it He was flying so not steady moving around which but I saw it when it started to stay in one place and then I immediately took a picture of a butterfly that was so dazzling and so beautiful.
the picture of a butterfly that I took was very not there was not the slightest sound coming out of the footprints when I took this butterfly, because the butterfly was very wild, it made a little noise, it must have been thought that prey had approached it and then it moved to another place. but instead I just kept my distance from him to approach him taking a macro picture of a butterfly, here's a picture of a butterfly that I took for the good of all of you, this is the same, always subscribe to my post to see the next post So much from me, thanks.






📷 PictureSmartphone
Capture UsingGalaxy A50+ Macrolens
CategoryAnimal Photography
LocationPidie Jaya-Aceh
EditingPhotoshop Express
 4 months ago 

Very nice picture clicked and butterfly looks beautiful I like this photography.

 4 months ago 

You captured it very nicely from different angles. Amazing shots

 4 months ago 

very beautiful butterfly, you managed to shoot it. cool

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