photography of the sky and rice fields at sunset

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hi friends, photography beautycreativity, who are generous and kind, with me @irwandisamudra on this occasion, I hope all of you are doing well.

this time I want to share with the community the beauty and creativity of natural landscape photography when the sun starts to set, I took this scene near the highway, when I passed the rice fields I saw this scene, I immediately took my smartphone and took a picture so I could share it in this beloved community. I hope my friends like this picture that I share.





I took this picture at sunset, so the sky light is getting redder, and the other picture I took before sunset, so the sky light is yellowish.







enough from me on this occasion, hopefully useful and can also entertain anyone who visits my post, thank you for reading and visiting my post, sorry for all the shortcomings.

I thank the admin, curators and moderators, and also to all my other friends, good luck always, see you in the next post.

° regards : @irwandisamudra🙏

° 📷 Camerasamsung galaxy A50
LocationAceh, indonesia


 last month 

Very beautiful sky view.

 last month 

thank you buddy, thank you for visiting my post, good luck always...

 last month 

The sunset view is so beautiful bro, especially when it's accompanied by a photo of my brother🤗🤗

 last month 

thank you for your attention, may you always be healthy..

 last month 

you're welcome bro

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