A new pencil sketch drawing generated in the thoughts of my mind

"A new pencil sketch drawing generated in the thoughts of my mind".

**Galaxy M20**

A new pencil sketch drawing generated in the thoughts of my mind


HI everyone! A few days later I drew a picture again today. Today's drawing I have made from the thoughts of my mind. Today I imagined a simple, white-straight woman in the village and painted it.

This evening I drew this imaginary figure. Basically, it was boring to sit at that time, so I thought of spending time drawing today, but I could not think of what to draw. Finally I started imagining a rural image in my mind and this image floated.

Then I first took a sketch paper, 3 sketch pencils, a rubber and a few colored pencils to draw this picture. Then I first drew a picture of a rural woman in my mind on a sketch paper.

However, in this picture, I first painted the face of the woman and then painted the eyes, nose, ears, face to create a beautiful look. Then I drew a small tip on the woman's forehead.

Then I drew the woman's two hands. Then I drew the sari after drawing the hand of the woman and I drew the sari with the veil on her head. Then I drew a beautiful jug over the woman's head carrying water to the jetty.

Then when the picture of the woman was drawn, I drew a layer of green grass around her. Then I saw a tall tree behind the woman and drew a tree. Then at the end I drew pictures of some of the birds that flew.

After drawing with 3 sketch pencils, I tried to make the picture colorful by painting all the pictures differently with a few different colored pencils.

I used a ( 2B / 4B / 6B) pencil to draw this picture.

I hope you all like my drawings! You can comment on how I like the pictures, I will be happy to read them.



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Peace & Love!

 2 years ago 

Thanks for your great support @fuli.

 2 years ago 

You have a potential creativity .Very beautiful drawing .Keep it up.

Thank you very much.

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