My dairy post

in Beauty of Creativity3 months ago

Good evening friends in this community. I am grateful to be with you once again to share with you my dairy activities. I woke a bit early today all because the I decided to go to town to see if I can get myself some shoes to be used as casual wear.


So when woke, I clean my face and clean my teeth too, I then went to the road side to board a car to town. When I got there I didn't get my favourite so I return back home, went to washroom to wash down. I was very fortunate, when I got home some breakfast was ready so I took it and went to @awuahbenjamin house to collect something from him. Today been holiday, after I returned back from his house, I didn't do anything again but slept and relax myself.

Around 4PM, I called someone to come and shave me because my hair was very bushy. After the shaving I took my supper, did some post about football and my activities for the day ended.
Thank you for your Attention


whether breakfast was made by your wife, if so, you are very lucky.