## Beautiful honey bees||@azeem22||14-06-2021.

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introduction honey bees.

The honey bee is called Nahl in Arabic. It is also present in Surah Al-Quran. In this Surah, bees are mentioned.Bees sometimes move from one roof to another
It never enters, no matter how far it goes, it goes back to its rooftops. Bees have a very sharp memory.

If a small teaspoon of honey contains as much honey, it contains the juice of five thousand flowers, while a large honey spoon contains the juice of 200,000 flowers. Has to fly 3.5 million.

The beehives in which the bees lay their eggs have separate cellsMost of the bees sit on roses and any sweet things because one of their juices is sweet and the other contains a lot of juice. Eating honey saves a person from many diseases.

I hope all of my friends like the results of the photos that I show above and I hope that all of my friends are entertained by the pictures that I show on this occasion.

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Thank you very much

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