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This morning, before I went to work, I took a little time to have a morning walk around the neighborhood, intending to find something interesting to be shot. It's a cloudy morning and the wet was all around. I wish I could find birds on the tree or on the rooftop as they used to spend time up there but I saw no bird this morning. By the time, I made a straight walk and I sighted right in front of my neighbor's house, on the chopped tree, a group of mushrooms was growing. Since I did not find any mushrooms these days, I was extremely thrilled seeing some of them up here and instantly tempted me to take the shots with my DSLR.

I managed to take from any proper angles so I could perceive the different looks of these mushrooms. I assume these mushrooms are inedible fungi and bad to consume. Besides no one cares about them, except me who need their pictures, and from them, I can know the beauty of nature is limitless and nature just revealed its beauty to me thru these mushrooms.

A mushroom or toadstool is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground, on soil, or on its food source.source







CameraNikon D7000
CategoryFungi Photography
LensTamron Tele-Macro 70-300
 last year 

Very beautiful mushrooms, I love the mushrooms. Thank you for sharing

 last year 

Which part is beuatiful? Tell me...

 last year 

In picture number four it looks very beautiful, I like it.

 last year 

very beautiful work, I often eat mushrooms, and these mushrooms look delicious when cooked, thank you for sharing

 last year 

seem you did not read the info I wrote that this mushroom is inedible, bad to consume. Get used to reading before dropping comments. Thank you!

 last year 

I'm sorry, it was my fault that I didn't translate your post in Indonesian, and I won't repeat it again, and be more careful in commenting, thank you for the kind warning.

 last year 

wow you have taken a very good picture of mushrooms, the shots are very perfect, and this mushroom looks like a type of mushroom that lives in groups..


 last year (edited)

I wish I could know from you, which parts of those pictures are seen beautiful. Can you find something bad from those pics? If you do, I will appreciate it.

 last year 


I see this mushroom is beautiful because it thrives in the middle of a wooden heart, this is rarely found in my opinion, every picture you take is very detailed and sharp.

 last year 

Thank you!

 last year 

you're welcome, thank you too

 last year 

it looks like an oyster Mushroom. Mostly contain toxins due to high calcium levels. anyway, Beautiful captions...

 last year 

Yep, it stays under the same class as I believe and it is an inedible mushroom. Thank you for adding the info about this mushroom.

 last year 

Its look very beautiful. Thanks for the sharing 😊

 last year 

In the morning is the right time to photograph mushrooms, because the mushrooms are still fresh in the morning, but if you shoot from many angles it will be more detailed, especially if you use a DSLR camera, i think the result will be more msksimal.

 last year 

Morning view is the best view to capture such wonderful mushroom.

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