The Diary Game || 3.05 I feel better

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5th day with covid

Yesterday I was really worried. After strong headaches and feeling unusually week (in total I slept 16 hours that day) I assumed that my covid can go both ways: I can get better or it can be more difficult than I expected. It didn't help, that few friends I was talking with, told me that 5th day can be crucial and many symptoms appears then.

Luckily, it seems that I was worrying too much. Today I feel much better than another days. I am almost full of energy, cough is not disturbing me as much as before and until now (20.00 of the local time) I didn't have any headache.


I'm closed at home with two of my boyfriends. We don't do much together in three. One of them is really stressed and not in the mood for social interactions and it's okay. I am doing my best to respect it and show the support.

that's the guys I miss now very much

Obviously, I miss my other home very much. I called my other two boyfriends. Krzyś came today with the freshly baked bread. When he arrived, he was with Panda - our dog. Later he told me that Panda was stopping on the way back each 5 metres. He was looking for me.

bath was probably the most exciting part of this lazy day 😅

My day wasn't very exciting. I'm locked, so not much happens. I was watching Netflix, writing on steemit (now I finally have some energy to write more. I made my achievement4 . I'm proud of it, I'm writing there about global warming and what we can do to prevent it. If it interests you, I invite you to read it) and currently I am writing these words in the bathtub, taking hot bath.

I was writing today about the ways to slow down global warming

We all three feel good. I wish everyone who got sick could process the covid in the way my organism did it - two, three days of some very small complications and then getting well.

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Thank you for your time 💚


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