Self-esteem as the first factor to take care of yourself and others.

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Self-esteem as the first factor to take care of yourself and others.

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You want to make changes in your life and in your health, you tried in the past and cannot sustain it, the success of the changes we want to make in our life depends on how we organize ourselves to be able to sustain them, on how to be productive to fulfill what we we propose ourselves and obviously it also depends on the levels of discipline that we have to be able to sustain those changes that we want to make, so we are going to see how to be more disciplined in regard to our health and thus achieve the changes that we are proposing to improve our quality of life.

Discipline in general has a bad reputation because we learn, on the one hand, to despise it in the school of our first years of life, but on the other hand, discipline is what transforms an out-of-shape body into a healthy body to be disciplined is to act in favor of our interests or our health no matter how we feel, not leaving our lives to free rein or at the mercy of our emotions, but acting according to our thoughts and what we want for ourselves and to achieve and build that discipline is what It allows you to act, when you planned to make a change in your life because you read an article that had health advice and the next day you wake up saying I don't feel like doing all that effort.

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Build good habits:

We have good habits and bad habits, habits are actually a set of actions that we integrate into our daily lives and that today we can do almost automatically, precisely because of those are habits, they were formed over time by repeating a certain action, no It matters if it is positive because I am going out to exercise or if it is negative because I am lighting a cigarette to smoke.

The more difficult the action called willpower requires, the more difficult it is for me to transform that action, that set of actions into a habit, that is why the myth that says that habits take between 21 and 28 days to form, is false We are going to take much longer to form difficult habits like exercising every morning than to get out of the habit of turning off the alarm clock and continuing to sleep.

Building good habits is essential not only for health or productivity but because when we transform something that costs us willpower, every day of our life into a habit we manage to do it automatically, thus gaining discipline on one side of our life and on the other. On the other hand, saving willpower to be able to use it in another area, thinking about learning a new skill such as driving, for example, when we learn to drive our brain has to incorporate many new habits such as putting on the seat belt before putting the car in drive or look in the side and rear view mirrors or learn to park properly although many people never learn the latter part.

That set of tasks that at first appear too challenging are done automatically by your brain once you repeat them enough times and without you noticing they were grouped into a single block of information for your brain that we call driving, all the tasks that we perform daily have that same potential, the potential to become a habit or something unconscious that we do not even have to think about to perform, it was never a matter of making a change based on willpower because regardless of what we can increase our willpower, that willpower has a limit.

So in general when we want to generate a new habit, that habit requires discipline and we have to use all the tricks we can to make the task as easy as possible, as an example of this, think about the daily organization, basically we have to use the daily organization to make the tasks and behaviors that we want to have as easy as possible and as difficult as possible the tasks and behaviors that we do not want to have or that we want to avoid, if your problems are food, for example, I have to remove the foods that harm me from my home and I have to choose to be in environments where I don't have junk food available.

The daily organization is simple to improve, make a plan, write as detailed as possible and also detail the possible difficulties that you may encounter in the face of this change you want to make and how to solve each one of them, not for nothing those who make similar plans They have a much higher success rate generating a change, compared to those who do not, on the other hand there is an important difference between taking care of yourself and taking care of another or a pet.

One of the keys to being able to make a lasting change and be more disciplined has to do with something that you probably already experienced if you have children or pets, you probably realized that it is much easier for you to take care of them and give them the supplement or medication that they have to take daily, while for yourself they are surely much less constant with the care of your own health; why this happens, probably because of self-esteem, we are willing to do something for others that we are not willing to do for ourselves and in this situation the obvious advice you have to have is to consider yourself as a person from whom you are charge, someone you have to take care of.

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