Graphic design work announcement for steemit's Peoples

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Hello my dear friends, how are you? I hope to have a nice day.
We are all seeing how much the advancement in graphic design is progressing. For example, you make your own logo for your account, product, or any other things. Those people want a different identity, that's why they make logos, videos, posters, and some other sarees. You can give a separate entry to your account. Like I want to say that you create your identity on your social account on your social websites. Use all these things in your posts, which will lead to your progress.

Come on, we come to the point. I create a logo design, poster designing, social media design, and design according to your recruitment. I want to promote this thing on steemit. So that people can create their own designs from here also.
You can get me to design.

Charges have been given below to create the design from me.

Instagram Stories-2 steem
Instagram Posts-1 steem
Facebook Posts-1.5 steem
Facebook Covers-2 steem
Twitter Posts-1 steem
Pinterest Pins-1 steem
Invitations-3 steem
Cards-2 steem
Resumes-2 steem
Postcards-3 steem
Planners-4 steem
T-Shirts -2.5 steem
Logos-2 steem
Business Cards-2.5 steem
Posters-2.5 steem
Flyers-5 steem
Infographics-5.5 steem
Brochures-6 steem
Newsletters-2 steem
Menus-3.5 steem

Some examples are given below my work.


Insta post .png


we are free.png
All are created in

If you want to get the design done then contact me first here
Note: Flat Logos, Flat Elements do that. You have to talk to me about the first design. I will send the message at least 3 hours.

contact me

on Twitter-here
on Facebook-here

Thanks by @medytalents


You are going well. Keep it up , soon 🔜 success will become your fate . My all prayers are with you and your talent . I am also a designer but not as you . I am not professional. Now my training is still continue.

 3 years ago 

Thank you for your blessing and If you want help in design, you can contact me on social sites.

Please 🙏 add me at your WhatsApp .My WhatsApp number 03035663370

 3 years ago 

sorry I don't use whatsapp, you can contact me on social media

Your work is nice

Keep it up and you will success soon. i will pray for you In sha Allah👍

 3 years ago 

Thank you @afshanusman

 3 years ago 


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