Sneaking around the dumbster place during the day, i had a cop car pass by every ...

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... five min, as the police station was just around the corner. for 20 min two cops stared at what i was doing and could not figure out that i was painting the wall with these spray cans. i either just held them or placed them on the floor before i came into their visual spectrum. my friend nils kept taking pictures until they thought we were just simply doing a photo shoot. i enjoy painting during the day, as it appears less suspicious and people think you actually have permission. i once had an officer approach me on a different wall with an angry face. he quickly changed and told me his son loves graffiti. he wanted to take a selfie with me. i asked him if he knew that i was doing something illegal, because he was such a nice guy. he said 'dude, this is india. were a coloful place and you are giving us more color.' i was basically sent away by different cops a few min later on that other wall. having done countless day sessions, i also had some night sessions. adventures that are full of danger, with crazy indian cops and their russian Avtomat Kalashnikovas. indian cops specially get scared when they approach a site were they think they saw or heard something sneak away. specially if its a single cop without a partner(common in india). if something flashes by and quickly pulls down their pants and kicks away their walky talky, you should see their face. it is therefore crucial to always plan your escape paths in details, possibly lay traps and climbing pins. behind a wall it's always harder to determine the direction you escape. specially if it's 180 degrees under or above. even practice running the parcour, can give you the edge to vanish quickly. An EMP Jammer is built in india no money and comes handy. it can totally confuse them if they don't know what happened to their devices all of a sudden. you will be surprised what ones encounters during the night. new delhi feels like gotham city and a world out of some DC comic.


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