𝔹𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕜𝕗𝕒𝕤𝕥🍂🍁☀️| The pancakes were made from three ingredients: ▫️1 banana, ...

in APPICSlast year

... ▫️1 cup of oatmeal and ▫️1 cup of oat milk.
Puree everything and optionally refine with cinnamon, clove and vanilla. Fry the pancakes in coconut 🥥 oil in a coated pan over medium heat.💚

For the tower I used almost 2.5 times the amount. With fruit, nutmeg and apple trees the food is incredibly satisfying.🌱☀️

Have a nice weekend 👋


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Great way to start your day

Ich hab grad heute deine Buchweizenpancake gemacht😋. Waren super lecker👍🏻😊

Wow! Nutritious and Delicious, thanks for the recipe, I will try it sometime for something completely different!😋😋😋🥞🥞🥞

..a little too much for just one lady, isn’t it?, haha....enjoy...

The Tower of Power 😁😁

😂😂😂😍love this caption!

Thank you ! love to see your cooking skills 😊!

Healthy and delicious

Omg mouthwatering...

Delicious. You probably mean apple sauce, apple puree. Apple trees for breakfast are hard to digest.

That health can look so delicious 👍😘

Wiw! Healthy foods!

Wow really nice

I am already hungry to see you. I would be very happy if you send me your food now because you get hungry when you see my food.

wow so teasty food

A very nice and fun food. Banana and Chupti looked very nice. I liked breakfast very much and personally I like it very much.😋😋

Wow looking so yummy

Looks so yummy😍

great design😍😍

Looking so delicious

Looks so delicious and healthy. Thank you lawyer for special recipe. I want a little. Share with us 😋😋.

The stomach is choking with hunger, the appetite is doubled by seeing such tempting food on top of it.😋😜😝😍

thatsss yummmyyy😍😍😍 and a pancake tower 😍😍😍

Wow . very test 😋😋😋😋

Full off proteins.. looking delicious

Lecker 😋 gab es heute morgen auch in Marwitts Küche 😁🤙

For me, this will be a whole day meal. 🤭

It's satisfying already just by looking at it. Nutritious and delicious. 🤤❤️

so delicious 😋 you decorated so beautifully 👌👌

Yummi food..😋😋

Attractive & Delicious food

mmmm ...so delicious, start your day with good and healthy food🙌enjoy your breakfast ❤

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