Happy Monday Appics Fam! 🥰🌄❄️ Greetings From High In The Southern Mountains Of ...

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... British Columbia Canada, Wishing Everyone A Fabulous Week!🥰🌄❄️🏡🍁🍂🌾


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Wait... you have snow already? 😯 I really do miss the snow especially on Christmas. Unfortunately, my nieces and nephews never experienced any snow since the weather has changed so much in Germany.

Awe thanks for your awesome reply! Yes with global warming it has changed a lot! Our elevation is over 1,000 meters so usually when it snows up here, it raining or slushy rain down in the valley of Kelowna where we shop! I love the snow!!🥰🌨️🏔️❄️⛄🌨️❄️⛄

Interesting but makes a lot of sense! I am definitely a summer girl but when it’s winter I just love the snow!!! Looking forward to many more beautiful winter pictures from your home this year☺️

Awe thanks! Yes, I will be sharing plenty of snow photos, stay tuned soon it will be sticking and pileing up instead of melting by the afternoon 🥰🏔️❄️⛄🌨️🤣

Waking up to snow would feel like a dream 😭

Awe thanks! We get a ton of snow up here in the mountains over the winter, and it's always beautiful to wake up and see the snow falling, I never tire of it but my hubby does from shoveling, Lol!!🤣🥰🌨️🏔️❄️⛄

I’d be snowboarding everyday 🏂

wow!snowing every day? can you still plant in your garden with thism

It has only snowed twice so far but always melts by the afternoon, stay tuned as all winter long I will be sharing snow photos we get a lot up here! ❄️⛄🌨️🏔️ My garden was finished a couple weeks ago. But I am still pulling carrots out lol! 🤣🤣🤣🥕🥕🥕

Such great view from the big glass window.

Thanks we purposely had those windows put in during construction for the views!!🏔️

That was fast...Just the other day it was autumn and now it is winter....😳...thanks for sharing this... I think our October days are really great😬... I'm not complaining either😆

We wake up to snow then it melts in the afternoon lol! Soon it will be sticking and pileing up high! I love the snow, but Not looking forward to all the shoveling though, lol!🥰🏔️❄️⛄🌨️

What a wonderful view! ❤️😍

That's a beautiful view you got there.. beautiful 😍💚

Thanks, we love it here!🥰👍

So gloomy😍✨

Yes, it's that time of year👍

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