Mmmmm, Tender & Juicy, Med/Rare, Rotisserie Roast Beef Dinner, DELICIOUS!😋🥩 How ...

in APPICS • 2 years ago (edited)

... do you guys like my New Large, French White Dinner Plates!? 😋👍


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Yummy 😋

It was delicious, thanks!


Thank you! It was so Yummy!

always eatin good

Thats the country life for Ya! Thanks 😊😘


Thank you, it was so tender and delicious!

I can see that you are an excellent chef 👩‍🍳! Have you worked as a chef before?

Awe, thanks for such a kind reply! No never a chef or fancy cook, just always home cooked for my family. Sons are now 30 and 33.Still love moms cooking lo! But I was a commercial Baker many years ago then did Security for 25 years due to back issues.


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