✨✨Guys, this is the halfway point. Congratulations, we're halfway through the joke ...

in APPICS3 years ago

... of a year that 2020 has been.✨✨
✨✨It's kind of cool and gloomy out today, definitely doesn't feel like summer. I'm still in the mood for Summertime food though. I'm spending the day with family and I've been asked to make fried pickles and dessert (not sure what yet), so it'll be a good day despite the gloom. ✨✨
✨✨This recipe is a great one to have during a Summer like we have here because you can make it hot or cold depending on your mood. It's perfect with and kind of fruit or berries too, obviously I'm going to be piling it with berries.✨✨
✨✨I hope you're Summer is going great so far, have an awesome Tuesday! Simple Nuts & Seeds Muesli Cereal✨✨


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