“Shabu shabu” is one of the popular dish offered here cooked in a large open pot ...

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... 🇯🇵 with tender meat, different kinds of vegetables and a variety of sauces to choose from. It consist of pork or beef cutlet in its thinnest slices to satisfy one’s mouth comfort for easy grinding of meat together with the yummy gravy sauce and veggies in one full bite. Oh, I missed this meal so much, so delicious and mouth watering! Eating is one of my passion and I am happy to give you the kind of food I have experienced eating. I’m sharing them for you to know the kind of foods you can eat and try whenever you get the chance visiting Japan in the near future. “Doozo o meshi agari kudasai!”


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Yes,it looks really very good and tasty and I would love to try it!😋

Looks delicious

Thank you 😊

ohhhh that looks so delicious🙏🏼good food is for sure one of my passions as well, I really enjoy trying new dishes and flavors👌🏻thanks for participating🤙🏻

Thank you very much!

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