ASMR | Flowing River 💧 Goldstream Provincial Park, Victoria, Canada 🇨🇦 Take ...

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... a minute and enjoy what flows around you. Centre yourself, breathe deep, calm your mind, listen without expectation, feel the rhythm of nature.

Where ever you are in the world 😘 ( @fycee this ones for you ) take a minute with me, or let the video loop, loose yourself in the moment...

A musk ever so present yet quickly fading to the crisp pine of the evergreen trees. A feeling of being watched but not a soul to be seen. Jerry enthralled with a waft of the wind. What is it? Where is it? A scent so subtle not easily recognized but once known not easily forgotten.

The smell of life. An entire ecosystem. From rotting fish to crisp fresh pine. From skunk cabbage to moss. Recognizing that smell a thought doth emerge...

I really wish to explore but the feeling of eyes and Jerry’s attention to wind does discourage.

That’s it, @d00k13 Out!!!

PS this is day 2 of 8 weeks back 2 back Appics video 😘

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Wow! The water is so crystal-clear! He knows he's being filmed hehehe. Nice video you got here. You go to the woods most of the time?

Fairly often yes but not often here at this location, this is on the way out of town just before going up the mountain. That be fresh mountain spring water ... yea crystal clear but ice ice cold 😅 Jerry won’t even put a paw in

Whewww I can't stand an ice-cold water to dip myself into. I'm surprised you don't have snow there unlike Karen's place. You live far from her?

Yea I’m on the big island on the west coast and I believe she is interior mainland, much more temperate here but the wind storms and rain can be pretty intense.