CONTEST: "THE BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK" || A photo with my friends At the community development service (CDS) || by @yakspeace

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Hello beautiful steemians of @RecreativeSteem community greeting from kwara state of nigeria. I hope you are all doing great. I'm so glad to participate in this contest titled, the best moment of the week before I share my best moment of the week with you all, I want to sincerely appreciate @bellana for organizing this beautiful contest.

My best moment of the week was taking photos with my friends at the community development service program which we normally attend every Thursday but this week community development services program was very amazing and fun, because all the serving copers from difference local government within kwara state of Nigeria came out for the community development services, it was really fun to meet my friends and love once after two months, the program lasted for two hours after that, the band unit played a music and we all danced and took some pictures, I was so happy that day and I had a lot of fun. Below is the picture I took at the community development service program with my friends.

Location: Nysc Secretariat of kwara state Nigeria


I want to invite my friends @zealyakubu @simonnwigwe @pridonima @josantos to come and participate in this great contest.
Thank you..........🥰🥰
 4 months ago 

Hello @yakspeace how nice to be able to collaborate in favor of the Community, sharing with friends.

Thank you for sharing with us the best moment of the week.

I invite you to read important information:

Alright, thank you ma

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